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Video Games Just Took Over Primetime TV

Video Games Just Took Over Primetime TV , Female Gamer

In the multi-billion dollar online gaming world, Guy Beahm goes by the screen name Dr DisRespect.

And Dr DisRespect is on internet streaming site Twitch.

(Note: A streamer is someone who captures what they’re doing on video camera and puts it on the Internet for people to watch)

His motto is “Violence. Speed. Momentum.”

That line applies not only to his gameplay, but also to his meteoric rise to the top of video game streaming stardom.

Esports Industry Awards named Guy their “Streamer of the Year” in both 2017 and 2019.

  • As of December 2019, Guy is the first video game streamer to sign a T.V. deal.

But that deal wasn’t signed with some no-name production studio looking for an easy way to cash in on the exploding video game sector.

Guy signed with Skybound Entertainment– the same company behind the hit series The Walking Dead.

Game of Thrones vs The New King

If you’re wondering why such a reputable company would ink a T.V. deal with someone like Guy, consider this:

In the three years since he started streaming at the end of 2016…

  • Guy’s persona Dr DisRespect has amassed 171 million total views on streaming website Twitch.

Compare that to the last two seasons of T.V. mega-hit Game of Thrones which aired on the American T.V. network HBO, to a collective total of 144 million viewers.

Read that again.

The online video game stream Dr DisRespect has had MORE viewers than one of the biggest TV shows of the last decade.

Of course, Skybound Entertainment isn’t the only company looking to cash in on The Doctor. Other major companies like Gillette jumped onboard with sponsorships and endorsements.

Guy is a pretty big deal right now. But he’s far from the only popular video game streamer out there. Despite his high subscriber count, he’s actually only the 24th most popular streamer on Twitch.

Video gaming has gone mainstream.

It’s not just The Doctor – thanks to the pandemic, there’s been a huge spike in viewership across the board.

Everyone is at home. There’s no NBA, no NHL, no MLB. Online streaming and video game traffic is exploding higher.

Twitch Average Concurrent Viewer Graph

Yet it’s still very early innings for investors to get a seat at the table.

That’s why many enterprising companies have been going around signing on popular gamers.

They’ve seen where the winds are blowing and want in on a piece of the action.

And we’ve identified one fully vertically integrated video gaming entertainment company that we think will be the best way to cash in…

Meet the Fastest-Growing Gaming Community Company in the World

Enthusiast Gaming (TSX – EGLX)

Enthusiast has quietly amassed a vast network across the gaming ecosystem.

Much like Nexstar, Apple and Google before them, this relatively unknown company has positioned itself as the dominant media conglomerate in the highest-growth sector on the planet.

There’s simply no other company in the video game and esports sector that has achieved anything close to what Enthusiast Gaming has done.

  • A combined 200 million gamers visiting their properties every month,
  • Dozens of industry influencers and streamers who bring additional exposure to the company and its properties, and
  • The only publicly traded company where you can get direct exposure to the ownership of an esports team, brand, and athletes.

The company recently released incredible new results…

  • Record Q4 pro forma revenue of $10 million;
  • Engagement of 1.7 billion views on their media platforms, up 66%, demonstrating the passion of their growing fan base;
  • Revenue per viewer increased 31% from Q3 2019.

Katusa Research Chairman, Marin Katusa, sat down with EGLX’s CEO Adrian Montgomery to discuss the current market climate and what it means for EGLX.

[Interview] How to Participate in the Next Evolution of Sports

The Katusa Research Special Situations also did an in-depth analysis of the company. Because you’re a member of Katusa’s Investment Insights, this detailed report is exclusively free for you.

Click here for our report on EGLX.


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