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A Group of Elite Investors Unveil Their Top Stock Recommendations

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I was sitting next to one of the wealthiest men in the resource sector. It was one month ago in Vancouver, Canada.

This man created mining giant Goldcorp. Then he founded a multi-billion dollar Hollywood production company (using money he made from cashing out at the top of the resource market).

He’s made billions of dollars. Now he hobnobs with the most powerful people in both business in politics – like his personal friends Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

What would you ask this man if you had the chance? After all, opportunities like this don’t come around often…

Luckily this man is a friend of mine.

Such close friends in fact, he’s even cooked dinner for me at his home. It’s still the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. 

So, when given the chance, I asked him where he’s investing his money today… And he answered without hesitation.

Why I Host the World’s Top Resource Investors Each Year in Vancouver

Hi. I’m Marin Katusa.

Two years ago, my firm, Katusa Research, partnered up with Cambridge House to co-host the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference – the premier industry conference that has been running for 24 straight years. .

I’ve long been a speaker and presenter at this legendary event. In fact, last year I pounded the table on a stock that could become the biggest winner of my career – Northern Dynasty.

After I named Northern Dynasty one of my top ideas, the stock went on to rise more than 10-fold. It’s become one of the biggest stories in the natural resource industry.

Anyone who listened to me at the time made an absolute fortune.

Also at last year’s event, I hosted the Mining Legends Crossfire with Ross Beaty, Ron Netolitzky, David Lowell, Rick Rule and Jim Dines. These guys are the best in the businesses.

And they shared a number of their favorite investments from the stage. If you would have purchased the companies they recommended, you’d be sitting on nearly 300% gains today. And you could have crushed the overall, junior resource market..

Mining Legends Panel Share Performance VRIC

All the biggest names in the industry have participated over the years…

People like Eric Sprott, Rick Rule, Doug Casey, Frank Giustra, Kevin O’Leary (of Shark Tank fame) and Robert Friedland, just to name a few…

And every important resource company shows up (240 companies this year alone).

We’ve just returned from our second year at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. And this was the best one yet.

My friend Frank Giustra, the billionaire I mentioned in my story above, told everyone in attendance exactly where he’s putting the majority of his wealth today.

He explained how we’re “living in an unprecedented time in history” and it’s time to BET BIG, today… Before you miss out on what could be one of the greatest resource rallies of our lifetime.

But Frank was only one of the legends in attendance this year…

We also heard from one of the most impressive mining CEOs I’ve ever met – Ivan Bebek.

Ivan is the President and CEO of gold mining firm Auryn Resources.

But before that, Ivan founded Cayden Resources, which he sold to Agnico Eagle for $205 million in 2014.

I’ve personally made millions of dollars with Ivan.

In the natural resource business, more than any other sector, the people running the companies are what count. And Ivan is one of the best.

Ivan has made me and my subscribers a great deal of money. Every company the guy touches recently is a success.

And Ivan told everyone, live on stage, the tiny gold stock that he’s currently investing millions of dollars into.

Investing in small resource stocks is all about betting on the right people. And Ivan is one of the best operators I know. If his next company is anything like Auryn, everyone who puts their money in Ivan’s new venture will get very, very rich.

My friend Frank Curzio, of Curzio Research, gave one of the most exciting speeches of the event, titled How Not to Lose a Fortune in Junior Mining Stocks.

Frank told the audience how to find the next Northern Dynasty (I hope he’s right… You can never have enough ten baggers on your resume).

Frank gave his four favorite resource companies to buy right now. But, he also shared the name of a tiny biotech company.

This company does DNA sequencing. And it’s the cheapest provider of the service. And the market for this company’s product just increased from only five million people to 165 million.

One of the top hedge funds in the biotech space just took a major position in this firm… But it’s still small and under the radar. Frank thinks it could easily return 1,000%.

We even heard from the former U.S. Secretary of Energy under the Bush administration. This is one of the most connected men in the resource business, period.

The only reason I was even able to get this man to attend the conference is because we have a friend in common – a very impressive resource CEO. 

And the former Secretary recently partnered with a private energy company. This is a guy who knows the ins and outs of the energy business. He knows how to maneuver politically better than anyone. And he chose one firm to partner with.

There’s no doubt he thinks this company is going to profit enormously under the Trump administration.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t waste his valuable time.

And he told everyone in the room the name of this firm.

Those are just a few of the impressive speakers we hosted in Vancouver.

Oh, I also shared a few ideas with the audience…

I told people where I am putting my own money, such as the gold company that I believe will soar hundreds of percent in price in the coming years. 

As you can tell, our speakers delivered tremendous value in Vancouver.

Industry veterans who have made billions have publicly stated my conference is the best conference in the industry.

I ask the tough questions and push the industry leaders to share their best ideas.  These are ideas that can make you real money… And have already made past attendees a fortune.

And we received great feedback from those on the ground, like this note from attendee R.K.,  

I would like to commend you for taking charge and executing a most informative resource investment conference.  Thanks for all of your preparation in moderating the great panel discussions and fireside interviews of very worthy and accomplished resource professionals. 

Also the initial year’s performance of your newsletter is simply phenomenal! Unbelievably well done, Marin!


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Best Regards,

Marin Katusa


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