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Here’s How to Invest With the Ultimate Insiders This Weekend in Vancouver, Canada

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I’m starting this week’s letter by congratulating my good friend and colleague Ross Beaty for being inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame.

In case you don’t know Ross, he’s one of the industry’s all-time most successful business builders and investors. He’s also a very good guy. Ross (a billionaire) has built many successful companies (Alterra Power and Pan American Silver to name just two), which have made him and his backers very rich.

Over 1,200 people came out to celebrate all the candidates that were inducted to the Hall on January 11th 2018.

I made the trek across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto to celebrate with Ross. His speech was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Not only was Ross gracious and humble, he thanked all of those who get no thanks in the natural resource industry, including shareholders, lawyers, accountants, office staff and even the newsletter writers.

And that’s something I want to bring to attention here. In investment circles, it’s common to hear that investment newsletter writers are a shady bunch.

It used to be that if you couldn’t get a job with a research firm, you wrote a newsletter. That never made sense to me.

The individuals I got to know early in my career, like Jim Dines, Bob Bishop and Doug Casey were much more interesting, were more seasoned travelers, and much more intelligent than most of the corporate analysts I’ve met. Not to mention the newsletter writers had way more money than the analysts.

I found it very interesting that the industry would talk down to the newsletter writers. But at the same time, the brokerage houses would promote the fact that certain big name newsletter writers were on the story.

Not all newsletter writers are equal. And I’ll tell you why…

Some newsletter writers are “bought.” They accept money from companies in return for recommending them to subscribers. Here’s my recommendation on those guys: Stay away from them.

Also, stay away from the writers who hide behind an alias and are not willing to show up a conference and talk openly about what they are doing.

I learned early on to do all business transactions as if the details will be reported on the front page of the NY Times. Because someday, they will.

This weekend, Katusa Research and Cambridge House will co-produce the 2018 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. If you haven’t signed up for your complimentary access pass, click here to get it.

We have 5,000 more registered attended than we did this time last year, which is astonishing. We’ve taken out maximum square footage of the largest conference facility in Vancouver (the Vancouver Convention Centre) and we expect over 8,000 attendees.

You should be asking WIIFM (What’s In It for Me) Marin?

Well to start it off this year, I decided to have the investment Rumble in the Jungle, with Rick Rule, Frank Homes and myself. We’ll square off to see who will pick the best stocks in front of the live crowd.

Each of us have picked our top three stocks—and the companies will do a rapid-fire style (20 slides, 20 seconds each) for a 6 minutes and 40 seconds presentation.

You will get almost 100 years of investment experience between the three of us, and you get to be entertained by who has picked what company.

Of course, my money is on me. But you will only find out who takes the reign as champ if you show up, and that’s just the start of the show on Sunday morning.

Not only do we have the best royalty and streaming companies in the world, we have producers in gold, silver, and copper all present. And you will get to rub shoulders, hear presentations and talk with the best cobalt and lithium companies in the space. They will all be there at the conference.

Every newsletter writer present has been personally invited by Jay Martin and me. And I have to give a special kudos to Jay Martin and his team at Cambridge House, who have done an incredible job preparing what will be the best conference to date.

I will be moderating an interesting panel with experienced newsletter writers Brent Cook and Frank Curzio where we will call out companies as “the Big Scam or a Big Score.” This is one I’m personally excited about. The audience will find out if companies like Novo, Aurion, Garibaldi, Northern Dynasty, and First Mining Finance are either the Big Scam or the Big Score.

In addition to the biggest movers and shakers in the resource industry, I have called up my friends who are the biggest players in the crypto space. Yes, there will be lots of blockchain and crypto companies at the show.

As a personal favor to me, the world’s leading cryptoanalyst, Teeka Tiwari, will not only be doing keynote talks, but he has signed up to take on some heavy hitters in Jim Rickards and Peter Schiff.

For those that missed the San Francisco Gold and Silver Summit and the video, they went hard at each other with their respective views on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, the U.S. dollar, governments, and gold.

One would think this is a handicap match, with two gold bugs who are openly against crypto take on my friend Teeka Tiwari. Jim Rickards and Peter Schiff are heavyweights in their own right, but Teeka is coming prepared, and it’s going to be the best debate of the year.

I will be the moderator, and if you know anything about Peter Schiff you know I will have my hands full trying to tame Peter so others can get a comment in.  Peter not only loves the sound of his own voice, but he thinks everyone else is also in love with the sound of his voice. It will be fun and you will not want to miss it.

Now let’s put something in your arsenal of investment tools if you’re planning to attend the show…

Making it to a natural resource conference can ring up a lot of travel costs. It takes up valuable time.

That’s why I’ve written an exclusive “survival guide” to help you maximize the return on the money and time you invest into attending a natural resource conference.

We call it “The Katusa Research Natural Resource Conference Survival Guide: How to recognize resource BS and find high-quality stocks that can vastly increase your wealth.

Here’s How to Invest With the Ultimate Insiders This Weekend in Vancouver, Canada

In this guide you can receive by clicking here, you’ll learn:

  • The single most important factor to consider before buying a junior resource stock (this idea alone can transform a losing investor into a winner)
  • Why most resource investors flock to the absolute worst countries to invest in (and how you can easily avoid their dumb mistake)
  • How to quickly and easily determine if a company is about to dilute shareholders and water down your stake. (This happens far too often, but it’s easy to avoid).
  • And many other critical ideas to your success as a resource investor.

This is all hard-won knowledge written down by a guy who makes his living investing in the resource market… not some desk jockey analyst who has no money of his own on the line.

The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference is where you’ll see hundreds of top mining executives and companies presenting their stories, assets, and catalysts. The conference is also where you will be able to meet all the top newsletter writers in the industry and find them all in one place.

If you’re planning on attending the conference and haven’t signed up yet, I have good news. As a Katusa Research reader, registration is free by following this link.

Last year there was a one hour wait for those who showed up and did not preregister. Avoid this costly mistake.

Please don’t stand in line when you can be learning about the most exciting stocks of 2018. Pre-register using this free link and your admission will be streamlined.

See you this Sunday.