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Donald Trump Wants an IQ Test. A Big One is Coming Up

October 13, 2017

A small group of uncompetitive U.S. manufacturers are lobbying the Trump administration very hard to get tariffs and trade restrictions place on solar imports.

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October 6, 2017

This Single Idea is Worth At Least $100,000

Why take 1 in 3,000 odds? The gold development sector is the absolute best place in the gold sector for value investors to place their bets.

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September 29, 2017

Is Bitcoin Killing Gold?

We’ve been asked this question many times from both subscribers and gold industry insiders. And with cryptocurrencies generating huge gains and attracting a large, rabid following, it’s time to address it...

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September 22, 2017

This Small Move Could Send a Tidal Wave of Money into Gold Stocks

When it comes to the investment markets, a small investor has no effect on asset prices. Even the buying and selling of a wealthy individual with $200 million has no effect on stock and bond markets. The guy with $200 million is a mouse when it comes to the elephants. (6 minute read).

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The Rules of the Electric Car Game Just Changed in a Massive Way

Two major stories were about one of the biggest economic revolutions of our time… and they have major investment implications. One from a country and one from an automaker. (5 minute read).

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I Believe I’m Right, But I Hope Robert Friedland is Right

I’m openly doubting Friedland’s copper demand projections, but I’m not betting against him. Even if my conservative forecast is right, copper is going much higher over the long term. (5 minute read).

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Freeport McMoRan Shareholders Learn a Key Resource Lesson the Hard Way

This week, the Indonesian government and major miner Freeport McMoRan reached a “settlement” where Freeport’s ownership stake in the colossal Grasberg mine will be reduced drastically. Call this how you want, but I call it nationalization. (5 minute read).

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