Global Economy: The Dollar, Gold, and Interest Rates

Global Economy: The Dollar Gold and Interest RatesMarch 22, 2019

How do steady interest rates and a falling dollar affect gold? The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is a solid gauge for economic activity.

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March 15, 2019

The Secret Central Bank Gold Transfer - Operation Fish

A small, secret operation by the Bank of England into 1945 turned into the largest transfer of gold wealth in history to the tune of over $780 million of gold.

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Little Red Book AppMarch 8, 2019

"Little Red Book" App - Will It Destroy Democracy?

Many apps and software already have years of your data and behavior on their servers. Are you prepared for the “Little Red App” in America?

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China Social Credit SystemMarch 1, 2019

China's Social Credit System - It's Coming to the United States

China’s Social Credit System could help bring order to the chaos of Chinese commerce. The plan, however, does not stop there. And the Chinese government has already laid the framework for the dystopian future.

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The Golden Trap

As I write this, gold is flirting with breaking through $1,350 and it’s getting everyone excited.

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Blindfold Profits: The All Time Greatest Business to Make 10 to 20 Times Your Money

The royalty sector is simply one of the greatest businesses to be in right now.

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Is Oil the Ultimate Value Trap?

Over the past few months, the Canadian oil sector has been more volatile than I can remember. But there are crazy bargains in a sea of value traps.

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