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Dinner with a Billionaire Wine Connoisseur

Pierre LassondeMarch 24, 2017

Over an amazing 40+ career in the mining industry, Pierre Lassonde has pulled of a lot of incredible deals. I was lucky enough to sit down with this royalty streaming pioneer and another legend in the industry to hear some awesome stories of their younger days. (5 minute read).

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TAFT, CA - JULY 21:  An oil rig south of town extracts crude on July 21, 2008 in Taft, California. Hemmed in by the richest oil fields in California, the oil town of 6,700 with a stagnated economy and little room to expand has hatched an ambitious plan to annex vast expanses of land reaching eastward to Interstate 5, 18 miles away, and take over various poor unincorporated communities to triple its population to around 20,000. With the price as light sweet crude at record high prices, Chevron and other companies are scrambling to drill new wells and reopen old wells once considered unprofitable. The renewed profits for oil men of Kern County, where more than 75 percent of all the oil produced in California flows, do not directly translate increased revenue for Taft. The Taft town council wants to cash in on the new oil boom with increased tax revenues from a NASCAR track and future developments near the freeway.  In an earlier oil boom era, Taft was the site of the 1910 Lakeside Gusher, the biggest oil gusher ever seen in the US, which destroyed the derrick and sent 100,000 barrels a day into a lake of crude.  (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)March 17, 2017

Why the Crude Oil Bulls Are Wrong

Back in October, I published my thoughts on the oil market that differed from the conventional wisdom at the time. At the time, many oil market players had turned bullish because OPEC announced a major production cut. So, let's see what's changed since and how it effects our investments. (5 minute read).

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WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 16:  Warren Buffett speaks onstage at the FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Summit on October 16, 2013 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for FORTUNE)March 10, 2017

Did Warren Buffett Just Try to Mislead You?

As a large investor in the infinite resource space, I like seeing Buffett highlight how renewables can generate huge amounts of cheap power. In the past 20 years, renewable energy has gone from an expensive pipe dream to an amazing source of clean, cheap energy that can produce incredible returns for investors. But… two of Buffett’s statements are wrong. (6 minute read).

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Frank Giustra Katusa ResearchMarch 3, 2017

Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2017 - Where mining legend Frank Giustra is investing right now

Attendees of the recent Vancouver Resource Investment Conference had the good fortune to hear to Frank’s current thoughts on the world… and where he is investing right now. My public interview with him was one of the conference’s highlights.

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One of the World's Greatest Geologists Talks Northern Dynasty's Pebble Deposit

Northern Dynasty's Pebble Project is the focus of intense debate. It’s become one of the biggest stories in the natural resource industry. To give you an expert’s perspective on this debate, I sat down face to face and discussed Pebble with the legendary geologist David Lowell. (6 minute read).

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Here's What's Next for the World's Biggest Mining Story

You see, unlike most everyone who is now writing about Northern Dynasty, I owned this stock long before it became headline news. So, I may have unique insight on the situation that others do not. (4 minute read).

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Prepare to Profit Series Part 3 - A Huge Part of the Russia/Trump Story Nobody is Talking About

Russia controls over 50% of the world’s uranium enrichment capacity. The enrichment facilities in the U.S. and in countries friendly to the U.S. are running virtually flat out. (5 minute read).

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