Oil Research

The modern oil industry was born in an area known as “The Land of Fire” in the Russian Empire.

Coming Soon? Only under the most volatile of market conditions do we ever see “melt up” or “melt down” scenarios.

A potential massive run on Russian banks, which host over $1 trillion in assets, is just the tip of the iceberg.

After 10 years in a brutal bear market, uranium prices have roared to 6-year highs.

He’s arguably the most powerful man in oil, and made a colossal declaration…

On April 26, 1986 radiation alarms went off at the Forsmark Nuclear Plant in a remote Swedish village. Here’s what happened next…

This week a major winter storm ripped across most of the eastern United States. What happened and what’s the solution.

Cigarettes have been an enormous source of tax revenue for the governments. Post-pandemic, governments are going to require new “alternative” sources of tax revenue.

The virus is going to leave a much longer lasting impact on oil demand than just this year’s downturn.