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Serious investors understand the power of cash in bear markets. Recent data from China and the emerging markets show me a significant correction could be on the horizon. I am prepared to take full advantage of these fire sales. Are you?

The Canadian energy sector suffered yet another black eye this week. Facing major regional political headwinds, Kinder Morgan Canada put a stop to work to the permitted expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Here's how to put Canada back in business.

One sector that we here at Katusa Research are paying MAJOR attention to right now is the oil industry. And you should too. It’s a contrarians dream. It’s unloved, bleeding and left for dead. (7 minute read).

In today’s end-of-year issue, you’ll find four big investment ides we wrote about in 2017. But this is no bland “retrospective” list. These ideas could make you a fortune next year and the year after that. We hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

Right now, the equivalent of this made-up situation is taking place – for real – in Saudi Arabia. The arrests are the centerpiece of an “anti-corruption” purge in the Kingdom of Oil.

A small group of uncompetitive U.S. manufacturers are lobbying the Trump administration very hard to get tariffs and trade restrictions place on solar imports.

Why take 1 in 3,000 odds? The gold development sector is the absolute best place in the gold sector for value investors to place their bets.

Readers of my premium research service have known about this company for many months. But I’m sharing details on it – to a broad audience for the first time – with no strings attached. (6 minute read).

During the first half of 2017, oil and gas stocks were among the market’s worst performers. But over the last week, we saw that oil and gas stocks are still vulnerable to waves of selling that sent many big names to 52 - week lows. (5 minute read).