Copper Research

Step back and watch the confusion in the heart of the U.S. monetary system.

All it took was for a hint of rate topping and gold was off to the races. Plus a comparison of costs and profits in copper and gold.

Now with all this demand potential, can the market actually get enough supply?

Copper remains an unsung hero - a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by a whole generation of investors.

I believe there’s a substantial chance that this is a long, drawn-out recession. And in between superstar opportunities, I want to get paid to wait.

Identifying an early trend in the commodity space can unlock vast fortunes. And this is why I love the commodity business.

Where your asset is, your money is. And the world is changing in warp speed before our eyes.

Earlier this year I highlighted that it was about to get spicy in the copper market. There were several signals that were flashing that made me pay attention.

As an investor, why should you sit in fear of volatility… instead of joining in mankind’s legacy and harnessing its extraordinary power to build wealth?