Copper Research

Friedland, Lundin, and Kaplan’s Multi-Million Investment in a Billion-Pound Copper Project.

As one of the key building blocks of our society, if there’s any commodity you’d expect to lead a commodity rally, it’d be copper.

As we close a year of market rebounds in the broad market, the commodity market lagged behind the Mag 7 tech darlings.

Step back and watch the confusion in the heart of the U.S. monetary system.

All it took was for a hint of rate topping and gold was off to the races. Plus a comparison of costs and profits in copper and gold.

Now with all this demand potential, can the market actually get enough supply?

Copper remains an unsung hero - a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by a whole generation of investors.

I believe there’s a substantial chance that this is a long, drawn-out recession. And in between superstar opportunities, I want to get paid to wait.

Identifying an early trend in the commodity space can unlock vast fortunes. And this is why I love the commodity business.