Silver Research

As both market perceptions and monetary policy reverse, silver could be re-priced higher.

The “gentleman’s metal” has a natural tendency to go under the radar compared to gold. And it’s also likely why it’s been the target of many more conspiracies, both real and imagined.

I want to warn everyone of the dangers of confirmation bias – and this is a perfect example. It’s a textbook example of a crowd experiencing FOMO with a major injection.

With the current and expected “digit printing” you would think that the “smart money” would be aggressively positioned in gold and silver. But they aren’t yet.

If you didn’t put your cash to work in 2020, then you’re fighting the tide ignited by the Fed.

Then the generalist funds were quick to move and locked in their gains in gold stocks post vaccine news.

The Alchemist’s History on Hard Money: The actual scientific chemical reasons that separate gold from all of the other metals on the periodic table.

If you are a novice investor to the resource space, there are two names that you absolutely need to know.