Gold Research

I’m taking major steps with my portfolio

The Fed Funds Rate is an important indicator because it provides insights into bank liquidity and has its strings all over the price of gold

Few sectors left 2022 unscathed, but several sectors are catching my attention for 2023 and beyond.

Today we’ll present a way to go about tax loss selling to benefit from an interesting tactic.

One of my sector health gauges for precious metals is looking at cash as a percentage of market capitalization…

Relative to the U.S. equity markets which are down nearly 25% as of this writing, gold is actually outperforming, or the lesser loser.

In a time of high global inflation caused in part by massive money printing and fiscal stimulus experiments, gold SHOULD be rocking. What’s going on…?

China's soaring default rates and mortgage boycotts provide a peek into the true health of the Chinese economy.

Volatility traders are pricing in more risk, and many are turning to cash.