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Gold Stock Buyout Candidates

Of all the ways to make money quickly in the gold market, few can match the power of “the buyout.” This is the transaction when a gold miner sees an opportunity to grow and buys all the shares of a smaller gold company – often at a large premium. The result is an overnight windfall for the smaller company’s shareholders. You can read our educational report on how to locate these companies right here.

Below, you’ll find our current list of potential candidates based on our proprietary Gold Stock Buyout System. [To get our actionable Gold Buyout stock recommendations as they come, consider becoming a member of our premium research service.]

Please note:

– This data is updated weekly and is for informational purposes only. It does not provide investment recommendations.

– An entry in green highlight indicates a former candidate that was recently bought out.


Although the information on this website is believed to be accurate, none of it should be considered solely reliable for use in making actual, real money investment decisions. Katusa Research is a distributor of data supplied by third parties. We are confident in the quality of this data, but none of it is guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Katusa Research does not recommend making investment decisions strictly based on it. NOTE: These are not recommendations. This is a starting point for further research and the data is updated weekly.