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It’s now been 3 months since Powell took his stand at Jackson Hole, and yet inflation has gone in the exact opposite direction.

Over the past 3 weeks gold has perked up, rocketing nearly $100 per ounce. But is gold “ready” for its next leg higher?

Earlier this year I highlighted that it was about to get spicy in the copper market. There were several signals that were flashing that made me pay attention.

Article 6 from the COP26 conference will be critical to watch. It could mean the dramatic acceleration of carbon credits and net zero going forward.

The “other yellow metal” has been on a wild ride the past 2 months. And a lot of uranium company share prices with it…

Imagine for a moment that every major corporation in the world had to buy a specific amount of gold every year.

In less than a month, we’ll be on the other side of an important threshold. For those paying attention, what’s happening is all quite obvious

SEC Chairmen Gary Gensler just made a critical announcement. You should know what impact it could have on the financials of all publicly listed companies.