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Over the years, there’s been other tests to verify whether gold is truly gold. With today’s technology, no one should be getting fooled, right?

Before we jump into what is going on in the current gold markets, lets first take a look at past gold bull markets…

Fed Dot Plots, Money Velocity, Bankruptcies, Stimulus and Day Trading. It’s all the perfect ingredients for gold’s rise.

Free Trading Services are a buyer beware. Because of its simplicity, Robinhood has quickly become the go to trading platform for a generation of new investors, speculators and get rich quick fans. But there are cautions.

The stock market does not seem to care about unfolding events. And gold is still at elevated levels, seemingly looking to make a breakout.

The biggest, smartest, most consistently profitable investors from over the last 40 years are being shown scratching their heads by the media. But they’re rich for a reason.

I’ve never seen a greater difference between the stock market and the economy than what we’re witnessing right now.

Bernard Baruch was one of the wealthiest speculators in American history. It’s said that no American individual has ever held more gold in his personal possession. So what happened to all his gold?

The booms and busts of silver have truly been exceptional, putting the testicular fortitude of even strongest silver bugs to the test. Is one on the horizon?