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Welcome to Katusa’s Market Intelligence Center

In our center, you’ll find gold stock screen results, gold buyout candidates, oil stock screen results, and other useful data you can use to generate natural resource investment ideas. This data is free to anyone, so feel free to send to a friend. (This data is for informational purposes only. It does not provide investment recommendations.)

Katusa Research Commodity Bargain Monitor

In one of our most important educational essays, we cover how mastering the resource market’s cyclicality is by far the biggest key to making money in resource stocks. Smart speculators look to buy deeply depressed assets that are ignored or hated by the investment public. These areas are where you find cheap stocks and high-quality assets selling for pennies on the dollar.

Our Commodity Bargain Monitor displays the 3-year trailing returns of many major commodities. When an asset is down more than 50%, it goes on our radar.


Katusa Research Gold Stock Buyout Candidates

Of all the ways to make money quickly in the gold market, few can match the power of “the buyout.” This is the transaction when a gold miner sees an opportunity to grow and buys all the shares of a smaller gold company – often at a large premium. The result is an overnight windfall for the smaller company’s shareholders. You can read our educational report on how to locate these companies right here.


Katusa Research Gold Stock Value Monitor (coming soon)

The Katusa Gold Stock Value Monitor has two parts. The first part evaluates how much gold in the ground a company has in relation to its enterprise value. The second evaluates how much annual production a company has in relation to its enterprise value. As value hunters, we want to buy gold reserves and gold production at low ratios to enterprise value. In other words, we want to get lots of gold for our investment dollar.

Katusa Research Oil Stock Value Monitor

If you’re looking to find value in the oil sector, you’ve come to the right place. Katusa’s Oil Stock Value Monitor evaluates North American oil and gas firms by comparing their Proven and Probable Reserves against enterprise value.


Katusa Research Private Placement Monitor

We maintain all of the currently open equity Private Placements on the Canadian Exchanges.  Private Placements allow you to buy large blocks of stock at a set price and at a discounted price to market with warrants sometimes attached.




Although the information on this website is believed to be accurate, none of it should be considered solely reliable for use in making actual, real money investment decisions. Katusa Research is a distributor of data supplied by third parties. We are confident in the quality of this data, but none of it is guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Katusa Research does not recommend making investment decisions strictly based on it. NOTE: These are not recommendations. This is a starting point for further research and the data is updated weekly.