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The further tightening of monetary policy in the U.S. will lead to decreasing velocity of capital and lower growth.

This time, Bitcoin’s price drop had nothing to do with macroeconomic forces like geopolitical issues or rising inflation.

One of my sector health gauges for precious metals is looking at cash as a percentage of market capitalization…

The end of October dead-cat bounce was in full swing. In a rise for the ages, returns for stocks in the S&P 500 cracked the top 20 all-time best months.

Capital moves at lightning speed in today’s interconnected world. And that’s where bear markets and recessions create spillover effects worldwide.

China is going through a myriad of problems and it has massive repercussions for the commodities market.

Relative to the U.S. equity markets which are down nearly 25% as of this writing, gold is actually outperforming, or the lesser loser.

Some of the best intuition I get comes from the OMI, “Outside of Market Indicators”.

We are now entering tax loss season. It’s time to prepare that the worst of the resource bear market could yet come.