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One busted pipe away from $150/lb uranium, a THIRD EVENT unfolding, and an irrevocable shift in global uranium demand is on the horizon.

In short, gold and nearly the entire resource sector is suffering a problem with liquidity.

A seismic shift is underway in America. It’s a realignment of the world's power structure that will unfold around the world.

Lately, China has been seeing very large capital outflows out of its economy. And there’s more…

Lithium demand is expected to go through the roof as EV sales continue to grow. By 2030, it’s projected that lithium demand will be triple of what it is now.

Tesla is now able to use the government funding to put the government standard out of business.

Silent fortunes are made not during major booms or busts, but during the “echo” phase. After the dust has settled, true wealth generating investments show themselves.

In a bold move to diversify its economy beyond oil, Saudi Arabia has entered the global mining arena with a $2.6 billion mining deal.

In ancient mythology, Atlas carried the heavens, symbolizing resilience amid chaos, much like “Titans” of today's stock market.