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Free Trading Services are a buyer beware. Because of its simplicity, Robinhood has quickly become the go to trading platform for a generation of new investors, speculators and get rich quick fans. But there are cautions.

The biggest, smartest, most consistently profitable investors from over the last 40 years are being shown scratching their heads by the media. But they’re rich for a reason.

I’ve never seen a greater difference between the stock market and the economy than what we’re witnessing right now.

Trump wants negative rates, but are they really a gift? Negative rates are supposed to incentivize spending, in theory. But the opposite ends up happening.

If you aren’t paying attention to the global squeeze of U.S. Dollars then you need to get up to speed quick. Investors, central banks and entire nations see the dollar as the number one asset to turn to in times of panic.

US Dollar SWAP lines are critical to understand if you own any mining stocks. Do your portfolio a favor and read how they can affect you.

This is the second issue in The Rise of America, a series about the future of the United States as the global superpower.

Many base and precious metal mines will shut down in the coming weeks. If you think they can re-start with the flick of a switch, think again. They will face financing hardships and will be at the mercy of their bankers.

How far the coronavirus will spread is yet to be determined, but its current reach will be enough to slow major economies around the world.