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Today we’ll be focusing on a single kind of risk in particular – one that has reared its ugly head time and again to thwart the efforts of many a would-be investor.

With a brilliant system, the US Federal Reserves satisfies the global demand for dollars while maintaining the dollar’s title as the planet-wide currency king.

A behind the scenes special guest gives his take on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and what Marin Katusa thinks.

For the first time in Katusa Research history, a superstar guest – Brent Johnson - has taken over Marin’s weekly Investment Insights column.

It’s a long list of stormy times. But every single heartbreaking event has led to renewed growth and prosperity for the American people.

Right now, the country faces a real, critical threat to its existence. The threat is growing – and fast.

Today I want to share what I call “The Jimmy”. I admire everything about this great man. A true Canadian Living Legend. But he is the world’s worst seller of stocks.

Coronavirus reached every corner of the earth and pushed every central bank and government to the brink. With that, unprecedented stimulus around the world was required.

Even though they’re publicly issued, these investments are essentially “invitation-only” and fill up fast. I was hooked since the first time I found about it in the early 2000s