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A bull market can make an average or even rookie investor feel smarter than a Wall Street or Bay Street vet. But buyer beware and prepare.

This one book really helped me understand the thought process of Charlie Munger. It’s over 400 pages of brilliance in a fun and easy format. I’ve read this book more than any other book.

If you didn’t put your cash to work in 2020, then you’re fighting the tide ignited by the Fed.

Investors love chasing stories that are on the front page. But it’s the ones on the back pages that get no love that have the most upside.

Then the generalist funds were quick to move and locked in their gains in gold stocks post vaccine news.

There is another motive at play than just chasing big profits, Investing in ESG companies and funds makes you look good.

While candidates ran on different platforms and ideologies, both had one agenda item in common: Spend money, and lots of it.

Maybe other fund managers and newsletter writers have a mystic ability to buy only once and be set. But experience has taught me the best results have been from buying in tranches.