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This is the first issue of The Rise of America, a series about the future of the United States as the global superpower. You’ll read about the forces that will propel it to unprecedented dominance—and how you can best position yourself to profit from it.

If you’re like most people, you might be sitting on the sidelines right now… or worried the ongoing crash could wipe out your earnings… But when this crisis is all over, the resource market will present immense opportunities for investors.

Ultra low interest rates and ever depreciating currencies are the new normal. It’s a race to the bottom. Whether you’re a billionaire or a single mom, negative interest rates will have major implications.

Savvy (alligator) investors love a good crisis. It creates panic, which creates buying opportunities. The Coronavirus is providing us with just that.

The major theme that has captured the global markets is the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is already having ramifications for many commodities. The oil market has done a complete reversal in the span of 40 days. Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) has been decimated. This presents opportunities for crisis investing.

2019 was a tale of 2 worlds. Niche metals like vanadium and cobalt took it hard on the chin. Meanwhile oil, soft commodities and precious metals rocketed higher.

I believe in an open market… But I also believe that if we are all playing the same game (the stock market) both the longs and shorts should be playing by the same set of rules.

The basics of going long and selling short are as follows: A long position means you own a stock, so you make money when the stock rises.