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Video Games Research and Esports

One video game streamer has had MORE viewers than one of the biggest TV shows of the last decade. Everyone is at home. Online streaming and video game traffic is exploding higher.

From time to time the Katusa Research Special Situations team looks deep into different sectors. Today we’ll introduce you to a monster profit generating sector, and one company leading the charge.

Stepping out from the shadows of tech titans, this company just built a gigantic ad network under Google and Facebook's nose. A combined 200 million gamers visit their properties every month.

This is the only vertically integrated, all-in-one gaming entertainment company that can provide both its own platform and its own content—and promote it virtually for free.

This company is getting little attention from the mainstream media. In fact, few investors are involved in the company, let alone the entire sector.

Consolidation in the video game community is happening. Who is the next Google of video games?

With digital alchemy, advertisers will shell out big bucks to make sure their ads are being seen by some of the most profitable groups of people on earth. Data is key.

In the last few years, the eSports fanbase has grown quite significantly, and this growth is projected to continue. If you’re not paying attention to esports, do yourself a favor and start reading on the industry and companies poised to profit from its growth.

Tencent receives instant feedback on what is working and make incremental changes to the type of gameplay and features players want until it hits the jackpot. This allows it to "moneyball" video games. And this one could be next.