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Video Games Research and Esports

Consolidation in the video game community is happening. Who is the next Google of video games?

With digital alchemy, advertisers will shell out big bucks to make sure their ads are being seen by some of the most profitable groups of people on earth. Data is key.

In the last few years, the eSports fanbase has grown quite significantly, and this growth is projected to continue. If you’re not paying attention to esports, do yourself a favor and start reading on the industry and companies poised to profit from its growth.

Tencent receives instant feedback on what is working and make incremental changes to the type of gameplay and features players want until it hits the jackpot. This allows it to "moneyball" video games. And this one could be next.

The Katusa Research Special Situations team looks deep into this monster profit generator in the tech industry.

Microtransactions are the digital gold mine that has become the new standard for making massive amounts of money from video games.

A few small companies have moonshot potential in the video game market and there is an opportunity to make a once-in-a-generation asymmetric bet. Today we reveal the key metrics and analysis behind the video game company, Axion Ventures.

Today, we want to give you a peek behind Fortnite's success. From their monetization model to their gameplay, they're doing everything right

In yesterday’s essay, we talked about an enormous culture shift and the mass adoption of video games. And that this shift is happening right now. Players are making millions off of Fortnite.