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Buckle Up, The Commodities Bull Market is Here

Dear Reader,

What’s about to unfold in the global financial markets will be referred to as,

“The golden bull market of the century”

You’ll be bombarded with headlines about how economic instability and soaring inflation are propelling the price of gold to unprecedented heights.

As a result, countless investors and funds will turn to gold, pushing its value to unparalleled levels.

Central banks and individuals alike will seek gold as a safeguard against diminishing currency value.

This is all happening, right now.

You, however, will be one step ahead, understanding that this gold surge is long-anticipated and a result of years of groundwork.

This shift signifies a major transfer of global wealth, offering substantial gains for those who act early.

Forget waiting for insights from the media, financial advisors, or governments. It’s crucial for you to understand and prepare for this shift.

  • But, it’s also important to remember that a massive bull market like this is going to make a lot of money for those who position themselves right.

Some of the world’s most successful investors and financial experts have already begun positioning themselves for this historic gold event – and you can join them.

In the wealthiest nations in the world, markets don’t experience historic bull runs by accident…


Let me just start with this, so you’ll know how serious I am about these predictions…

As you may know, inflation has been steadily rising for years now, eroding the purchasing power of currencies across the globe.

Central banks have continued to print money at unprecedented rates, leading to a dangerous devaluation of fiat currencies.

But what most people don’t realize is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Behind the scenes, there’s a much more sinister force at work – one that has the potential to trigger a worldwide financial re-structuring. And when that day comes, there is one time-tested safe haven that the financial institutions and investors will flock to, Gold.

For centuries, gold has been considered the ultimate store of value. It’s been used as a form of currency, a hedge against inflation, and a safe haven during times of economic uncertainty.

And now, as the world teeters on the brink of a financial catastrophe, gold has confirmed a new bull market. And we’re in the early innings.


Don’t just take my word for it.

Some of the world’s most successful investors and financial experts are already positioning themselves for the great gold rush of 2024 – and most importantly – beyond.

Gold hit unprecedented closing highs on most trading days in March.

Unlike previous spikes, gold’s value was consistently higher six months afterward.

According to backtests at SentimentTrader…

  • 5 of the last 6 times this type of gold spike has triggered, the mean rally was almost 39% higher
  • That implies a gold price around $3,000 less than 12 months from now

So, what’s driving this?


As economies in countries like China, India, and Brazil continue to grow, so too does their appetite for gold.

In many of these nations, gold is not just an investment – it’s a cultural symbol of wealth and prosperity.  And its not just the boomers of those nations, but the younger generations prefer gold to crypto in countries like China and India.

This insatiable appetite for gold among emerging markets will only serve to fuel the bull market in gold, as central banks and private investors alike scramble to secure their share of the world’s limited supply of the yellow metal.

  • In the coming days, we’ll explain how significant this is, and why it’s the fuel that’s ignited this new bull market breakout.


The decline of traditional currencies is just the beginning.

The world is in for an economic storm, and many investors will be caught off-guard. But for those who are well-informed, opportunities to thrive in the chaos are abundant.

Take Gold for example, it has broken out in ALL currencies – and now decisively in the USD.

This golden bull market will be fueled by a combination of factors, including central banks’ reckless monetary policies, geopolitical tensions, and dwindling gold reserves.

It’s not a matter of if, but when this bull market will take off. You’re already seeing this in real-time.

As an investor, you must act to position yourself for the surge in gold prices.


Don’t let this chance to protect and grow your wealth in these uncertain times slip through your fingers. I certainly am not.

I’m positioning my portfolio with a specific focus on commodity and resource stocks – with a heavy weighting towards gold equities.

Stay tuned this week for a series that will further explore the market chaos we’re in, and the immense potential of the gold sector.

We’ll dive deeper into this historic trend and reveal how you can make the most of this opportunity.


Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 24th, for my
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This decisive gold breakout is a big move.

In this webinar, I will be providing the signalsthe data, the behind-the-scenes material you likely won’t find anywhere else.

Prepare yourself for what could be a monster golden bull market by keeping an eye out for our next emails.


Marin Katusa
Chairman, Katusa Research

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