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Fed Dot Plots, Money Velocity, Bankruptcies, Stimulus and Day Trading. It’s all the perfect ingredients for gold’s rise.

The stock market does not seem to care about unfolding events. And gold is still at elevated levels, seemingly looking to make a breakout.

The biggest, smartest, most consistently profitable investors from over the last 40 years are being shown scratching their heads by the media. But they’re rich for a reason.

Bernard Baruch was one of the wealthiest speculators in American history. It’s said that no American individual has ever held more gold in his personal possession. So what happened to all his gold?

If you aren’t paying attention to the global squeeze of U.S. Dollars then you need to get up to speed quick. Investors, central banks and entire nations see the dollar as the number one asset to turn to in times of panic.

US Dollar SWAP lines are critical to understand if you own any mining stocks. Do your portfolio a favor and read how they can affect you.

Interest in gold and gold stocks has skyrocketed in the last 2 weeks. And for good reason. Explosive price gains, surge in sentiment and brokers are getting an influx of calls. What’s next?

China stockpiled huge amounts of gold every single month last year. You’re probably wondering why…

Junior gold stocks are high risk, monster return type vehicles. And they can skyrocket even with a steady gold price.