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I’ve discovered an interesting angle in the gold markets that hasn’t gotten a lot of fanfare. But I think it’s a cause for the price of gold appreciating.

Last week, we witnessed the single largest inflow day ever in the GLD ETF’s history. And this inflow will have massive implications for gold investors, so pay attention…

Gold has been on a tear nearing $1,400. Sentiment has spiked and gold juniors are rising fast… so, what’s next?

Profit bugs are on the constant lookout for opportunity in echo markets. This is the time when the market is rewarding strong hands and shaking out weak ones.

Australian gold miners are loaded with cash. Watch for these 3 companies to continue to fuel the M&A frenzy in the gold sector.

How do steady interest rates and a falling dollar affect gold? The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is a solid gauge for economic activity.

A small, secret operation by the Bank of England into 1945 turned into the largest transfer of gold wealth in history to the tune of over $780 million of gold.

As I write this, gold is flirting with breaking through $1,350 and it’s getting everyone excited.

The royalty sector is simply one of the greatest businesses to be in right now.

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