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Gold and silver stocks are highly levered to the price of the underlying metal. Let me explain some items that need to be on your resource stock cheat sheet…

Like it or not, governments now play a major role in determining who has access to and who can use capital. In a sense, they have positioned themselves in the center of the capital allocation chessboard.

In 1993, with no expertise, he forayed into the silver industry with only $10,000 and put it all on silver options.

Readers have been writing into the inbox in large volumes, asking for gold and silver exposure. The Fear of Missing Out is at extreme levels.

Many believe July 2020 was one for the gold history books, but it wasn’t even a top 10 move in gains for gold historically.

Over the years, there’s been other tests to verify whether gold is truly gold. With today’s technology, no one should be getting fooled, right?

Before we jump into what is going on in the current gold markets, lets first take a look at past gold bull markets…

Fed Dot Plots, Money Velocity, Bankruptcies, Stimulus and Day Trading. It’s all the perfect ingredients for gold’s rise.