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Right now, the commodity market is incredibly volatile with some sectors nearing their yearly lows. Meanwhile, other sectors are firing on all cylinders with no signs of slowing down.

Gold Royalty (GROY.NYSE) is moving a lot quicker than even I expected. And I don’t expect anything less than lightspeed with companies I’m involved with. The details get a little complex, but trust me—it’s worth it…

In my entire career, I have never seen a management team execute this fast and with this much precision. The ink wasn’t even dry on their last deal before they put out more news.

Let’s examine the factors causing the gold price decline and what the indicators are saying is next

Financially Transmitted Diseases are critical to keeping the economy going, but is there a ticking time bomb in the shadows?

After a decade of continuously declining cash reserves, gold producers are flush with cash today.

The “gentleman’s metal” has a natural tendency to go under the radar compared to gold. And it’s also likely why it’s been the target of many more conspiracies, both real and imagined.

Today I want to share what I call “The Jimmy”. I admire everything about this great man. A true Canadian Living Legend. But he is the world’s worst seller of stocks.

If you’re wondering just how much your grocery, energy, renovation, or other bills are rising higher and higher by (especially over last year), there’s one chart that can tell you where to look…