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On the Cusp of Breaking into Positive Free Cash Flow (GROY:NYSE)

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  1. Meet David Garofalo
  2. Katusa Issues Special Situations Alert on GOLD ROYALTY CORP (GROY)
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Dear reader,Every now and then you revisit a company and look at how undervalued it is.And then you realize they’re about to hit the tipping point…The market is rewarding companies that are cash-flowing and growing. And the company that’s got my attention today, in my opinion, appears to have both coming.Gold Royalty Corp (GROY.NYSE) is a mid-tier royalty company with a large, high-quality portfolio in excellent jurisdictions with strong organic revenue growth potential.The bigger companies, while they might have great portfolios, need mammoth transactions to really move the needle.They also usually trade at higher multiples.An ideal royalty company—in my opinion—has to be small enough that transactions can have an immediate material impact on the share price.This situation most often is possible in the <$1 Billion market cap range.

That’s Where David Garofalo Comes In

David is the General and mastermind behind Gold Royalty Corp (GROY).His journey to the top echelons of the mining world is no ordinary tale.As the former President and CEO of Goldcorp (top 3 gold producer in the world), he steered the company to its monumental merger with Newmont, creating the world’s largest gold miner.His expertise isn’t just deep – it’s diverse.Having helmed Hudbay Minerals (senior miner in Canada) and served as CFO of Agnico-Eagle (currently the 3rd largest gold producer in the world).Garofalo’s decision to lead GROY isn’t just a career move; it’s a strategic choice by a leader who’s shaped the gold mining industry.The Katusa Special Situations Team has identified this opportunity for MANY reasons:

  • It has acquired 244 high-quality royalties in just three years.
  • It has 72% of its asset base in Quebec and Nevada, mining-friendly jurisdictions.
  • It is on the precipice of cash flow and growth in 2024 and beyond (you’ll want to hear the numbers the CEO is talking about).

I’m HEAVILY biased, but my money is betting heavily where my mouth is.

Katusa Special Situations Company Alert:

Gold Royalty Corp.(GROY.NYSE)

Note: It goes without saying that this is a high-risk investment. If you have interest, you should definitely review the company’s disclosures under its profiles at www.sedarplus.ca and www.sec.gov for important information regarding the company and its assets.

Gold Royalty’s management has moved at lightning speed over the past three years, snapping up multiple smaller royalty companies and hundreds of royalties.Their aggressive moves – more than a 1,300% increase in total number of royalties since their March 2021 IPO – have moved them firmly toward the mid-tier of the market.Here’s why that’s important:Companies that stay in the low-tier range become zombies. They can’t raise money, and they can’t deploy capital.Meanwhile, mid-tier companies get higher valuations, and it’s easier for them to raise money to buy new royalties.Gold Royalty is trading at a discount to analyst consensus asset values.Its focus on premium asset acquisition has given it an average net asset value (NAV) of $452M on average among all seven analysts that cover it.

  • The current share price gives Gold Royalty a 0.45 price/NAV (Consensus NAV) ratio.

And positive cash flow is expected in early 2024 based on the operator’s disclosure of ramping up production.

  • Coté is over 90% percent complete and expected to begin operations by Q2 2024.
  • Barrick aims to incorporate Ren—the underground extension at Goldstrike—into the mine plan “in the short term.”

These assets provide significant potential for revenue growth for Gold Royalty in the coming years.And that’s not including any “surprises” from future free exploration and drilling.While mining is a risky business, this is why the diversification of Gold Royalty’s portfolio of over 240 royalties is important. Not all assets need to become mines.Gold Royalty Corp’s operating partners invested $200 million in exploration and drilling on their properties last year alone.All of this exploration upside comes at little to no incremental cost to Gold Royalty Corp.Any ounces that may be delineated on royalty grounds through exploration and development, Gold Royalty generally has a royalty interest without contributing additionally for such work.That is the beauty of the royalty model.To review, Gold Royalty has:

  • Multiple strong assets in mining-friendly jurisdictions
  • Leadership with centuries of combined experience
  • Over 240 royalties, with the majority in Quebec, Ontario, and Nevada
  • Strong Expected Organic Revenue Growth
  • Trading below Analyst Consensus Estimates of Net Asset Value

And that makes this an opportunity I think you should research further.

Click here to read the full Gold Royalty Corp Report

Regards,Marin Katusa and the KR Special Situations Team



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