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The San Francisco Silver and Gold Summit – The Katusa Advantage

Silver and Gold Summit

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Dear Katusa Research Reader,

One of my major goals in founding Katusa Research is to level the playing field in the natural resource sector… to provide individual investors with the insight and tools they need to compete with large funds and connected players.

According to the huge amount of positive reader feedback, we’re achieving that goal. Through our educational efforts, exclusive videos, and profitable investment recommendations, members are getting the “Katusa Advantage” and sitting at the top of the resource investment pyramid.

I’m writing today to make sure you’re aware of another great resource we’re making available to you, absolutely free.

Once per year, the respected Cambridge House International and I bring together the world’s top precious metals investors and entrepreneurs to San Francisco Silver & Gold Summit. The show has a long history of success, as it has been running for many decades. This year, like last year, it is being held at The Park Central Hotel in San Francisco, California on November 14 & 15.

As a special thank you, I have arranged for all my guests to have breakfast for free with me starting at 7:30am on both Nov 14 and 15th.

During breakfast, I will give an off the record discussion and share my current thoughts on the state of the market. I will also have a few special guests join me. If you’ve ever seen my workshops, you know you definitely don’t want to miss “Breakfast With Marin.”

During this conference, attendees hear fantastic presentations from top industry players. They see me “interrogate” company management in my search to find great investments for myself and readers. And just as importantly, they get the chance to speak one-on-one with company executives, fellow attendees, and professional investors like myself.

This year will be extra special as Mr. James Dines is being inducted into the Resource Hall of Fame. Also many of my good friends will be joining me on stage including, Doug Casey, Rick Rule and Frank Holmes.

Another special treat will be the debate that I will be moderating between Rob McEwan and Nolan Watson on the topic of to “Stream or Not to Stream”.

We’ve made it a truly great event for folks who want to stay on top of the precious metals market.

This conference is about making money.

I personally pick the speakers.

Take for example last year’s NexGen panel where I invited Amir Adnani, Ivan Bebek, Robert Guistra and Marcel De Groot to answer my tough questions in front of a packed audience. More importantly, if you just bought shares in their four companies (equal weighted) you would have made over 200% gains since the conference and outperformed the index by over 400%.

But its not just the next generation of superstars I have speaking at the conference. Take for example the Mining Legends panel I moderated last year. I had Ross Beaty (Hall of Fame Member), David Lowell (Hall of Fame), Ron Netolitzky (Hall of Fame) and Ron Thiessen answer my tough questions. How did their stocks perform since the Legends panel at last year’s conference?

Quite impressively.

If you bought shares in the companies of the four legends above, you would be sitting on 200% gains and outperformed the comparable index also by a little over 400%.


Another cool feature I do at the end of every day is I invite the management of the company’s that most impressed me at the conference to join me on the stage in the big hall at the end of each day.

The chart below shows the performance of these “end of day best of conference” at the San Francisco Silver and Gold Summit 2015 Panel. Their share price performance since that panel is extremely impressive. If you hung around until the end of the day panel and bought shares of the management teams (equal weighting) of the company’s I asked to come up on stage, you would be sitting on 223% gains right now.  Not to mention everyone had a lot of fun from the answers to the some of the questions I asked.


Expect me to ask questions on stage that most people are too polite to ask but deep down want to ask. I’m not shy, and I don’t hold back. Expect more of that at this year’s conference.

As part of your “Katusa Advantage,” I’ve arranged for any Katusa Research reader to get FREE tickets to this conference. Just register online with this special link:


While registering, select the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase and then click “Enter Promotional Code.” In the box that appears, enter the code SGSVIP and then click “Apply Code.” The discount will be applied on the next page.

I believe the precious metals sector has massive upside from these levels. Attending the conference will be a tremendous way to arm yourself with the knowledge and connections you need to make the biggest possible returns.

I hope to see you there.


Marin Katusa