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An Exclusive Interview with Mining’s Renaissance Man

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It was 3am in the morning when mining’s Renaissance Man turned to his wife and told her to write down a reminder.

The next morning, she said…

  • “By the way, last night you told me to write down ‘buy silver mines’… so I’m also going to add this – that is soo sexy”

And just like that he went into the silver business with that reminder from his wife.

In 1993, with no expertise, he forayed into the silver industry with only $10,000.

He put his money on silver options and watched silver go from $3.5/oz to $5.5/oz. Making him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then he parlayed that return optioning a property in Idaho. Then he went to Peru, Bolivia and Mexico and put more options on those properties – giving him a very unique portfolio.

The Billionaire Mining Mindset

I’m going to be introducing a very special individual that first of all is one of the most accomplished investors in the precious metal sector.

More importantly, he’s just a great guy, and uber smart.

I’ve pretty much got to know everyone in the business, from the movers and shakers to the billionaires that have built big mines.

And I got to say, this individual is easily in the top three smartest people category I have met in the mining sector, if not the most intelligent.

I want to introduce Tom Kaplan

I doubt anyone else in the sector understands geopolitical risk to the extent Tom Kaplan does.

If you invest in the gold and mining sector, you have to listen to this one interview, with the best geopolitical mind in the mining sector and one of the most experienced mining investors across the globe, when it comes to resource development.

I really hope you enjoy this interview as much as I had participating in it.

I learned an incredible amount.

In this interview, Tom Kaplan and I discuss:

  • How the “Kaplan Doctrine” and Katusa’s SWAP LINE concepts are an important consideration for your mining investments
  • The pivot of big mining companies from safe jurisdictions to the frontier
  • How rumblings lead to social disturbances and big problems for mining companies in certain countries
  • What regions Tom Kaplan’s top interests and partnerships are located in
  • Which type of assets are Tom Kaplan’s favorite to invest in
  • What targets he sees in store for the gold and silver price (hint: much higher) and how they will become “Strategic Assets”
  • The sector of assets that Tom sees is “game over” for investors
  • The names of 2 stocks revealed as his favorite holdings (1 gold and 1 copper)

Click the image below to watch the interview.