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BREAKING: Watch Marin’s Interview

BREAKING: Watch Marin’s Interview

Yesterday I broke the news to all of you… readers of Katusa’s Investment Insights.

“Marin, this is going up multiples.”

That was the line that David Garofalo, the CEO of Gold Royalty (GROY.NYSE) told me at a dinner recently.

He had my full attention from that point on.

David Garofalo (CEO) and the team at Gold Royalty (GROY.NYSE) have pulled off one of the best royalty acquisitions I’ve seen in years in the space.

Today you’re going to see one of the top managers in all of the gold mining in an exclusive 1 on 1 interview with me.

And I want everyone to pay attention to what this is about.

  1. First of all, I have never seen, ever in my career, a management team execute with this much precision and time.
  1. Secondly, they’re going after a royalty on Canada’s largest producing mine that’s already in operation, talk about de-risked.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I Marin Katusa am a severely biased, large shareholder of Gold Royalty (GROY.NYSE). If that bothers you then do not buy the stock. I continue to be a buyer of the stock. And you’ll learn more about why in my exclusive interview with David Garofalo.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • Why I believe this project is severely de-risked
  • Why billionaire mining legends like Eric Sprott, Rob McEwen, and Jimmy Lee have acquired more stock and have agreed to a share lockup (hint: they’re bullish)
  • The significance of the Malartic Mine transaction
  • The potential of a “Double Bump” and what that means for anyone that owns shares of Gold Royalty (GROY.NYSE)

It’s not often that I release an exclusive report behind our $3500 paywall.

Or a full-out member-only conversational video for KRO subscribers that features someone of David Garofalo’s pedigree.

But you’re getting a seat at the table, so you can see the kind of depth and opportunities we uncover at Katusa Research.

Click here to watch the interview with David Garofalo.


Marin Katusa
Founder, Katusa Research


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