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The Interview That Caused All Gold Stocks to Run (117% in 90 days)


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“Exercise discipline and wait this storm out, it is going to change. This is a cyclical business. Too many people are thinking it’s going in one direction forever. This is the fourth cycle I’ve been through.”

Rob McEwen, Chairman of McEwen Mining

On a crisp Vancouver Sunday morning in late January, I took the stage at the Cambridge-Katusa Vancouver Resource Investment Conference with a mining legend and his company’s CEO, Colin Sutherland. It was the first major fireside discussion of the morning. I even told all my friends and family not to miss it.

In my signature no-holds-barred style that I call the Katusa Krossfire, I threw questions at these two individuals. It was all live and captured in front of nearly a thousand conference attendees.

These retail investors were brave and bold enough to wake up early on a Sunday and attend a conference with the best leaders and innovators in the resource sector.

And in the 90 days following the resource conference, the returns and rewards have been off the charts for this company and many more that myself – and others – talked about on stage.

I said in front of 1000 people that you should have exposure to this proven winner and his company. And it’s on the video here below for all to see.

I personally selected many of the best leaders to come up on stage with me and pitch their deal to all in attendance.  This is one example of many that have delivered +100% gains in less than 100 days.  I have video of all the talks…and you will get them all soon enough.

Watch this video.  It’s real. It’s from one of the best in the industry, Rob McEwen.

I am bringing the best in the sector to you.  Now it’s up to you to sit back, watch and learn how to make +100% gains from the best and most experienced industry leaders.

Take the return of the company I interview in this video. Its share price has climbed 117% since we shared the stage together and the Chairman said to all of us…

Maybe I can make money here again. And when the markets starts saying you can make money in this sector… I think you will see a rush… You have big runs when the cycle is going up.”

McEwen Mining 2016 YTD Return VRIC

In this video, find out why he invested $120 million into his own company when he could’ve taken his vast fortune from previous mining successes and walked off into the sunset. His answer will surprise you. He also takes no salary being Chairman.

He also reveals an interesting take about buying distressed companies.

And, I tease Rob whenever I see him that my goal is to have a business card like his “Occupation: Chief Owner”.  When a Chief Owner talks—you should listen, I know I do.

By the way, in the video you will see why I say Rob has the best hair in the mining industry!

I hope you enjoy watching the interview as much as I did speaking with these gentlemen in front of the audience.

You don’t want to miss this.

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