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Immediate Release: Gold Royalty (GROY.NYSE) Report

Immediate Release: Gold Royalty (GROY.NYSE) Report

This kind of news gets my alligator sense going…

And my attention and action go full throttle.

David Garofalo (CEO) and the team at GROY have pulled off one of the best royalty acquisitions I’ve seen in years in the space.

I must say this team reminds me a lot of the pace Ross Beaty moves at during his formative years.

In fact, GROY is moving a lot quicker than even I expected and things could heat up very soon.

Let me explain…

On September 7, GROY announced a 3-way merger with Golden Valley and Abitibi Royalties.

The largest players in the gold markets (Eric Sprott, Rob McEwen, Jimmy Lee) have signed lock-ups to acquire GROY shares at US$4.80 per share.

What does the share price know that Eric Sprott, Rob McEwen, and Jimmy Lee don’t know? Nothing.

  • That’s the point of this alert. This is a mispriced arbitrage opportunity that I personally plan on taking advantage of.

This transaction when closed and completed makes Gold Royalty Corp (GROY.NYSE) a top 10 precious metal and royalty company.


After this transaction, the new co-market cap of the company will be over $500 million.

  • With that, index funds will be required to purchase more shares as per their rebalancing index rules.

In addition, other funds that are required to hold royalty companies will realize that Gold Royalty Corp (GROY.NYSE) is a vastly superior royalty and streaming company than peers with a similar market cap but nowhere near the royalties on quality assets.

  • The flow of funds will come into Gold Royalty Corp (GROY.NYSE) and I believe this newly merged entity will rerate post-close.
  • The risk is the transaction doesn’t close—that being a larger company is willing to pay more.
  • That is possible and in that case, Gold Royalty Corp (GROY.NYSE) walks away with $15 million in break-up fees for their efforts.

There has only been one financing with this company and that was almost exclusively taken down by KRO subscribers.

I am very impressed with David Garofalo and his team thus far.

And I fully understand why the smart shareholders of Golden Valley and Abitibi like Jimmy Lee and Rob McEwen signed hard lock-ups with Gold Royalty (GROY.NYSE) because they see the re-rate potential in the share price.

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Marin Katusa
Founder, Katusa Research


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