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David Garofalo (CEO) and the team at GROY have pulled off one of the best royalty acquisitions I’ve seen in years in the space. In fact, GROY is moving a lot quicker than even I expected and things could heat up very soon.

First of all, I have never seen, ever in my career, a management team execute with this much precision and time. Secondly, they're going after a royalty on Canada's largest producing mine that's already in operation, talk about de-risked.

Gold Royalty (GROY.NYSE) is moving a lot quicker than even I expected. And I don’t expect anything less than lightspeed with companies I’m involved with. The details get a little complex, but trust me—it’s worth it…

In my entire career, I have never seen a management team execute this fast and with this much precision. The ink wasn’t even dry on their last deal before they put out more news.