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Katusa’s Education Center

Volatility - Yangtze River Three Gorges DamJuly 7, 2017

To Be a Great Investor, You Must Treasure This One Thing Most People Hate

If you’re new to the markets, it’s easy to get scared of volatility. The media certainly makes it out to be a bad thing. But I believe it’s a landmark moment in an investor’s career when he/she realizes that, much like a powerful river, volatility can be harnessed, directed, and used as a tool. When that realization happens, a world of huge opportunities opens. (8 minute read).

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May 19, 2017

Introducing: A Great New Tool for Gold Investors

The Katusa Research team just completed a ground-breaking research project. The result of this project is an incredible system for making reliable profits in gold stocks. Below, we explain how it works and how it fits into our brand-new Market Intelligence Center. (5 minute read).

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notalloiliscreatedequalkatusaApril 21, 2017

Not All Oil Is Created Equal: A Quick Guide to Knowing What You Own as an Oil Investor

There are actually dozens of kinds of oil… and small differences in them can make big impacts on the money you make as an oil investor. (5 minute read).

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Katusa’s Keys: My Method for Investing in the World’s Best Resource Companies

I use a simple 6-factor analytical process to find these winners. I call these factors “Katusa’s Keys.” (6 minute read).

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The Ultimate Way to Use Other People's Money

During boom times, people are more than happy to spend that much on a deposit. During bust times, when sentiment is terrible, they are happy to sell the same deposit for a 75%+ discount. That’s when you need to be ready to buy. (5 minute read).

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The Biggest Key to Safely Speculating In Natural Resource Stocks

It doesn’t take long to become a target in the investment business. Successful investing is a task where the difficulty is on par with brain surgery. (5 minute read).

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The Way of the Alligator

The alligator’s ambush hunting strategy is very efficient and I believe The Way of the Alligator is one of the great secrets for achieving investment success. (5 min read).

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The Secret of Making 20-Fold Returns: How Leverage Works in Natural Resource Stocks

In the financial markets, leverage occurs when the price movement of one asset results in the amplified movement of another financial asset. (5 minuted read).

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How Many Stocks Should You Own?

The number of stocks you own has a huge effect on your performance. In this essay, I’ll walk you through my thinking on this critical topic. (5 min read).

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When Bad Means Good: How to Spot a Resource Market Poised to Skyrocket

Ever wondered how to spot the bottom of a market? Here are 5 keys to look for. (5 minute read).

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Why "Skin in the Game" is so Important to Your Investment Returns

One key factor in evaluating a company is whether management put their money where their mouths are. (4 minute read).

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An Investment Secret You Might Not Want to Share With Friends

Today's essay details several examples of how preparation in times of crisis can create substantial opportunity to profit. (5 min read).

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