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I bet you don’t know Scott

Dear Reader,You’ve probably never heard of him.But he’s in what I call the “inner circle” of the uranium sector.No, he’s not some banker pitching deals.He isn’t a rig-hand tossing core in the Athabasca Basin, nor a government bureaucrat going through the motions on permitting applications.Scott Melbye is the CEO of Uranium Royalty Corp (UROY, URC.TO) and is one of the most powerful players in the uranium sector from purchases of tens of millions of dollars of uranium – at a time.And he’s one of the main sources of capital to operating and developing uranium mines.He’s probably the only person in the market who’s been on both sides of what I’ve called the Colder WarWhen Scott talks, the industry listens, and for a good reason.Scott was the president of Cameco USA the largest uranium producer in the Western world.He was also the advisor to the chairman of Kazatomprom, which is the largest producer of uranium in the world and also worked with the Russians.In this tight-knit sector, I don’t think you will find an executive more rounded and connected on the East & West way of doing things in the uranium sector than Scott.With 39 years of experience in the global nuclear and uranium mining industries, Melbye’s profound insights and expertise have consistently positioned him at the forefront of the industry’s seismic shifts.Why should you sit up and take notice?Scott has led UROY to incredible value creation for shareholders – Uranium Royalty Corp (UROY, URC.TO) by securing over 1.8 million pounds of physical uranium and royalties on operating mines.He’s taken the company quietly up nearly 300% from its IPO, and we believe this is just the start.Apart from his stellar resume and record in navigating the choppy uranium for years, his intimate knowledge of supply, demand, and the nuanced dynamics of the uranium market is unparalleled.We recently had the pleasure of hosting an interview between Scott Melbye and myself, Marin Katusa.There’s no wasted time, we want to get right into the details and behind-the-scenes.Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll uncover:

1. Market Transformation: Dive deep into how 2023 has transitioned the uranium market from inventory supply-driven to production-driven, a scenario unseen in decades.

2. Speculation vs. Reality: Scott discusses the shift in the uranium market from being driven by excess inventories to one that is production-driven, largely due to various forces absorbing the excess, notably speculative interests like Sprott, Yellow Cake, and ANU, as well as several other entities. This shift hasn’t occurred in decades.

3. Global Demand Spike: Utilities with reactors have inelastic demand for uranium; they need it irrespective of price. Discover how countries like Korea and global RFPs are heralding a new age of “have-to” uranium buyers.

4. Price Projections: Melbye suggests that the current uranium price is not prohibitive for these utilities, and prices could potentially increase further without hurting the viability of nuclear power.

5. The Value of Uranium Royalty Corp: Learn straight from Scott’s mouth about UROY’s strategies of purchasing uranium below production costs, and their aggressive pursuit of growth opportunities.

6. The Future of Uranium: Decipher the bullish stance on uranium as an irreplaceable energy asset, driven by stable, secure supply needs and the advent of innovations like Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

Don’t miss this riveting discourse that not only sheds light on the current uranium climate but also outlines its future trajectory.If you’re keen to stay ahead of the uranium curve, this is one interview you can’t afford to miss.

Watch the Full Interview Here

Regards,Marin Katusa



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