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Meet the “Portfolio Manager of the Billionaires”

Meet the “Portfolio Manager of the Billionaires”

You’ve probably never heard of him…

But today, I’m going to be introducing a very special individual that is one of the most accomplished investors in the precious metal sector.

For years, he has been connected to some of the biggest commodities rainmakers on the planet. But more importantly, he’s just a great guy and uber smart.

I sat down and recorded an interview with Warren Gilman.

Warren manages the money for some of the world’s richest people including Li Ka Shing and Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest.

So, I thought it would be interesting to interview Warren on why the “Manager of the Billionaires” is buying more of – and is a large shareholder – of one particular gold stock in the KRO portfolio.

In his own words

“We’re trying to create another billion of value in the next two years, but from a base of an incredibly liquid stock, which no one else in this sector in our peer group can match. No one.”

In this interview, Warren Gilman you’ll find out:

  • His thoughts on the price of gold equities vs the gold price and why it’s the “perfect storm”
  • Why and where Warren is deploying capital in the gold sector
  • The “Gilman Doctrine” on protecting the downside and keeping upside exposure
  • Why investors are still overlooking geopolitical risk and what to do
  • The name of a gold stock Warren and his firm Queens Road Capital is buying right now – and more importantly…
  • Why he believes there’s “big exposure to upside” with this stock

Click Here to watch the full interview.


Marin Katusa