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Even though they’re publicly issued, these investments are essentially “invitation-only” and fill up fast. I was hooked since the first time I found about it in the early 2000s

I want to warn everyone of the dangers of confirmation bias – and this is a perfect example. It’s a textbook example of a crowd experiencing FOMO with a major injection.

A bull market can make an average or even rookie investor feel smarter than a Wall Street or Bay Street vet. But buyer beware and prepare.

This one book really helped me understand the thought process of Charlie Munger. It’s over 400 pages of brilliance in a fun and easy format. I’ve read this book more than any other book.

With the current and expected “digit printing” you would think that the “smart money” would be aggressively positioned in gold and silver. But they aren’t yet.

If you didn’t put your cash to work in 2020, then you’re fighting the tide ignited by the Fed.

Investors love chasing stories that are on the front page. But it’s the ones on the back pages that get no love that have the most upside.

Cigarettes have been an enormous source of tax revenue for the governments. Post-pandemic, governments are going to require new “alternative” sources of tax revenue.