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It’s a long list of stormy times. But every single heartbreaking event has led to renewed growth and prosperity for the American people.

The implementation of swap lines is one of the most consequential financial decisions taken by the Federal Reserve in recent times. Yet few people have even heard of them.

Right now, the country faces a real, critical threat to its existence. The threat is growing – and fast.

On April 26, 1986 radiation alarms went off at the Forsmark Nuclear Plant in a remote Swedish village. Here’s what happened next…

The “gentleman’s metal” has a natural tendency to go under the radar compared to gold. And it’s also likely why it’s been the target of many more conspiracies, both real and imagined.

Crypto’s, cash flow, commodities and the manias that are just getting started.

If nuclear qualifies as a green investment in Europe, it’s only a matter of time before other regions take notice.

Today I want to share what I call “The Jimmy”. I admire everything about this great man. A true Canadian Living Legend. But he is the world’s worst seller of stocks.

If you’re wondering just how much your grocery, energy, renovation, or other bills are rising higher and higher by (especially over last year), there’s one chart that can tell you where to look…