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A potential massive run on Russian banks, which host over $1 trillion in assets, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Identifying an early trend in the commodity space can unlock vast fortunes. And this is why I love the commodity business.

Where your asset is, your money is. And the world is changing in warp speed before our eyes.

After seeing it first-hand 20 years ago for the first time… I was blown away by the results of one particular investment tactic.

Some companies make MAJOR moves when NO ONE is paying attention. Gold Royalty Corp is blowing past critical milestones.

The clipping of coins for their value led to the debasement of monetary systems. While we don’t “clip” our coins today as there is almost no metal value in them or in the banknotes we carry, nations have been debasing their currencies at a torrential pace.

Whether you crushed it or got crushed in 2021, it’s time to sharpen your pencils, refocus, and prepare to capitalize on new opportunities.

Never put more than 10% of your speculative portfolio into any one stock. In the past, I know I haven’t entirely followed that rule myself, but you can only get real success in speculations with risk mitigation and by letting your winners ride (think Northern Dynasty and Alterra as recent examples).