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I’ve never seen a greater difference between the stock market and the economy than what we’re witnessing right now.

Bernard Baruch was one of the wealthiest speculators in American history. It’s said that no American individual has ever held more gold in his personal possession. So what happened to all his gold?

The booms and busts of silver have truly been exceptional, putting the testicular fortitude of even strongest silver bugs to the test. Is one on the horizon?

Trump wants negative rates, but are they really a gift? Negative rates are supposed to incentivize spending, in theory. But the opposite ends up happening.

If you aren’t paying attention to the global squeeze of U.S. Dollars then you need to get up to speed quick. Investors, central banks and entire nations see the dollar as the number one asset to turn to in times of panic.

US Dollar SWAP lines are critical to understand if you own any mining stocks. Do your portfolio a favor and read how they can affect you.

The “other yellow metal” – Uranium - is back in the news in a major way. It just staged a massive move to the upside.

This is the second issue in The Rise of America, a series about the future of the United States as the global superpower.

One video game streamer has had MORE viewers than one of the biggest TV shows of the last decade. Everyone is at home. Online streaming and video game traffic is exploding higher.