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Reliance on Russian dirty fuels is pushing countries to the brink of economic disaster.

Hundreds of millions of barrels of oil sit in US storage tanks, but are they really the cure for lower prices?

Historically speaking, the bond market is usually ahead of the stock market when it comes to trends.

Don’t let a dead cat bounce fool you…What we’re seeing now is the prelude to carnage.

Today we’re going to apply Shareholder Turnover to select mining stocks to try finding a bottom.

Investors will always chase what’s hot. Then immediately think “just get me out!” when it’s not. Here’s what common sense says…

When a major gas terminal goes out of commission, US gas prices pull back. But not for Europe.

Investors are spooked at the potential of a structural shift in the markets. Why is Shareholder Turnover so important right now?

Stock market valuations are consistently in limbo. They’re either too high or they’re too low. Rarely if ever are markets priced “just right”…