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Just 10 years ago, there were virtually no electric cars on the road. In 2017, an estimated 1 million new electric vehicles will be sold. This science experiment is now the real deal, and it is changing the car consumer mindset.

Two major stories were about one of the biggest economic revolutions of our time… and they have major investment implications. One from a country and one from an automaker. (5 minute read).

Some of the smartest people in the world are working on overcoming this obstacle. They have access to billions of dollars in capital to further research and development.  After all, they know long driving ranges and abundant charging stations will create a huge boom in electric car adoption. (5 minute read).

In this week’s edition, you‘ll find a collection of my “market notes” that detail some of the most important things happening in the market right now. (5 minute read).

As a frequent traveler based out of Vancouver, I’m in a good position to offer an informed assessment of Canadian airlines. Here’s one conclusion with which I’m sure many will agree: Canadian citizens suffer from the complete absence of discount airlines (“low-cost carriers”) and the even more cost conscious ultra-low-cost carriers (6 minute read).