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Serious investors understand the power of cash in bear markets. Recent data from China and the emerging markets show me a significant correction could be on the horizon. I am prepared to take full advantage of these fire sales. Are you?

The world’s largest undeveloped gold and copper deposit just got a lot closer to becoming a mine. It is a world-class deposit in every sense of the term and I’ll never visit a bigger one in my lifetime.

Like all natural resources, copper goes through huge booms and busts. That’s why we say resources are “cyclical”. If you get in early before the booms and avoid the busts, you can make a lot of money in natural resources.

I believe in a conservative scenario, copper will reach $5 per pound over the next decade. But it’s the next scenario that could make copper the world’s hottest commodity over the next decade.

I call this disruption “the Everything Metal.” It’s a crucial ingredient in electric cars. Without it, the cars are just hunks of scrap metal. Most importantly, it’s my favourite way to make a bundle in this mega-trend.

Why take 1 in 3,000 odds? The gold development sector is the absolute best place in the gold sector for value investors to place their bets.

I’m openly doubting Friedland’s copper demand projections, but I’m not betting against him. Even if my conservative forecast is right, copper is going much higher over the long term. (5 minute read).

This week, the Indonesian government and major miner Freeport McMoRan reached a “settlement” where Freeport’s ownership stake in the colossal Grasberg mine will be reduced drastically. Call this how you want, but I call it nationalization. (5 minute read).

Copper has rallied off its 2015 lows and I believe this rally will turn into a long period of rising copper prices. To show you why, I’ll cover both supply and demand. (7 minute read).