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When a stock trades very little or no volume, the stock becomes illiquid. An illiquid stock can trap a shareholder for days, months, or even years before you can sell your position.

An exclusive interview with Marin Katusa on Gold, Bitcoin, Quantum Economics, Financially Transmitted Diseases.

As with any new sector, there are going to be mega highs and mega lows. The key is to not buy into the hype at the top and blow yourself up.

I run my own shop and make my own rules and I make sure there is no barrier between subscribers and me. I read nearly every email that comes through the inbox including one from a frustrated subscriber and, of course, I responded.

Today, I want to answer a very important question in the Bitcoin-gold connection and how we got here. Believe it or not, a good place to start is thousands of years ago in ancient Rome.

Though there is undeniably a great amount of hype and mania surrounding the cryptocurrency space, there are also real, tangible ideas and technology behind all of it. And many of these ideas are actionable and investment-worthy vehicles.

Teeka Tiwari joins Marin Katusa for an exclusive studio interview on the momentum in the cryptocurrency markets.

Currency and geopolitical expert Jim Rickards and I get deep into what we believe is around the corner for the gold and cryptocurrency investment markets.