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Gold vs Bitcoin: Quantum Economics and Financially Transmitted Diseases

Gold VS Bitcoin

It’s a common strategy in war.

Addition by division.

Put simply, adding content and flair by dividing two sides, is a very effective means of polarizing two or more sides.

Cultural communists use it in their war on climate change “You’re either with us ditching plastic straws or you’re harming the environment”.

Economists use it to confirm their investment bias, “If you’re not a Keynesian follower then you’re not a true capitalist”.

Crypto enthusiasts use it too, “HODL or you hate Bitcoin, the future currency of everything”.

Dividing people is an easy way to engage the ones most in favor of your cause, or financial interest.

And Gold vs Bitcoin is no different.

I was recently asked to lend my thoughts in a candid interview and to “rip on bitcoin, if I hate it”.

But the truth is, I’m a profit bug.

If I can make money in gold, which we’ve done handsomely here in 2019, I will.

If I can make money in Bitcoin, which could return with a vengeance in the near future, I will.

And there’s a third, critical asset class that I believe is one of the best places to be. Contrary to what many pundits, fund managers and investors think. But it has served my subscribers and I very well.

It all comes down to central banks and governments unwittingly pushing Financially Transmitted Diseases on the globe.

This will have incredible and lasting effects on world economics…

And it will cause disruptions that will allow you and I to move our net worth needles in earnest, if you stay contra to the herd mentality.

In this exclusive interview transcript I had with Real Vision, I explained:

  • Why I call negative interest rates a “financially transmitted disease.”
  • How negative interest rate policy (NIRP) affects savings rates and the rest of the global economy.
  • The potential for further negative rates around the world, as well as the prospects for NIRP in the United States.
  • How exposure to the single most powerful asset class in the world, along with precious metals (especially miners), and bitcoin will bolster portfolios through turbulent times.

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