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This is a rare email and opportunity not 1 in 1000 investors get access to.

You’re about to get a first-hand account from an absolute mining legend.

He has created billions of dollars in shareholder value. And his companies have created tens of thousands of jobs.

But before this mining legend accomplished all that…

Rio Tinto was in a predicament.

There was an operating mine that produced 50% gold and 50% silver.

The problem was the mine got ZERO value for the silver production.

Rio Tinto hired a well-respected banking firm to figure out how to unlock value from the silver portion of the production that was getting no value from the market.

The bankers concluded no royalty could be made to unlock value that would be attributable to the owners.

However, the alone accountant read the banking report to Rio Tinto and came up with a novel idea in the middle of the night.

He came up with the plan to create a new entity to put a STREAM on the silver production.

  • That was the inception of a $21 Billion MCAP company called Wheaton Precious Metals.

The accountant that pulled off the first streaming transaction and built an empire around that financing model eventually became very well decorated:

  • The chair of the World Gold Council,
  • a Canadian Hall of Fame Member, and
  • The founder of GoldCorp which he merged with Newmont to become the world’s largest gold producer.

Ian Telfer is to Gold Mining what Elon Musk is to Cars

Ian telfer shared how it was no easy endeavor.

Even the biggest silver bugs in the world at the time, like Eric Sprott, didn’t quite understand the streaming model nor did they think it would work.

Fast forward 6 years from the inception of SilverWheaton, and Eric Sprott’s #1 silver stock was Silver Wheaton (Called Wheaton Precious Metals today).

For the first time ever, Ian Telfer shares why he is backing one particular gold stock…

Not just financially but with his time and effort.

Because he believes it will be the next big company in the precious metal Royalty and Streaming sector.

This time, Ian won’t have to wait 6 years to get Eric Sprott onboard…

He has already backed the deal alongside his former partner at Sprott, Rick Rule.

  • In addition to those three titans, Jimmy Lee, Rob McEwen, Doug Casey, and Warren Gilman have all written large checks and backed this superb management team.

In this exclusive 1 on 1 video I just recorded with him…

Ian Telfer shares in this video the trials and tribulations in building both GoldCorp and Wheaton Precious Metals.  What he thinks will happen next with the price of gold and what he is doing with his own money.

Do your portfolio a favor and watch this video, it will definitely be worth your while to learn from one of the living legends in the game, Ian Telfer.

Click here to watch the exclusive interview


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