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Every week I get an inbox full of emails from new readers, subscribers and seasoned veterans. Today I’ll introduce you to the four most common problems that investors have.

In today’s year end issue, you’ll find three big investment ideas we wrote about in 2018. But this is no bland “retrospective” list. These ideas could make you a fortune in 2019 and beyond.

When you spot a technology that is surfing on the wave of change, you need to pay attention. Especially in the resource markets. And there is a new production technology you need to know.

The last time uranium took off, uranium stocks soared 500%, 1,000%, and even 5,000%. The people that made those types of gains (me included) were invested in the metal back when it was hated and a contrarian speculator’s dream bet. But sometimes you need to question your confirmation bias.

Long-time readers and subscribers know I like to keep a sharp eye on one very important indicator. This indicator has the “pay attention to me” alarm bells that include both its psychological and analytical merits.

I have written a lot about the American and Russian uranium dynamic in my NY Times Bestseller The Colder War. And as I stated in my book, the consequences from Russian actions to the U.S. utilities is catastrophic.

In today’s end-of-year issue, you’ll find four big investment ides we wrote about in 2017. But this is no bland “retrospective” list. These ideas could make you a fortune next year and the year after that. We hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

Two recent catalysts have re-ignited interest in the uranium sector. The price of uranium has jumped in the last month and stocks have rallied off their multi-year lows. Here’s what happened…

The idea that Bill and Hillary Clinton sold out America’s strategic interests harmed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Here are some big things the mainstream media has wrong about Clintons, uranium, and corruption.