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Uranium on Fire and the Secret Russian Interview

Uranium on Fire and the Secret Russian Interview

Just over a year and a half ago Katusa Research put out a very negative report on Uranium.

But not for reasons that you might think…

The uranium industry was left for dead. It became the “other yellow metal”.

My thinking was this:

I wanted to put together the absolute most bearish and worst case for uranium.

And if I could still prove that even in the worst case scenario, uranium’s future is bright then I would know exactly how to play it.

I painted the bleak picture to show my subscribers to Katusa’s Resource Opportunities, why I wrote two separate 7 figure checks for two uranium companies.

Here’s what I wrote…

“Katusa subscribers heard it before investment bankers, brokers, and all other newsletter writers. I invested millions into the company at the same terms as my subscribers. I plan on making it a core holding in my portfolio for exposure to uranium.”

As of this writing…

  • That uranium stock is now up 215% from our first tranche and 110% from a second position.

But in true Katusa fashion, there’s more…

  • Our subscribers that invested in this opportunity alongside me got a FREE, full, five-year listed warrant that’s up 358% since it started trading.

Another uranium stock we’ve recommended to subscribers is also up 120% as of this writing, on significant volume.

The sector is not just heating up right now, it’s coming alive and drawing a lot of investor interest. And for all the right reasons.

It’s a zero-carbon energy source (nuclear net-zero will get a LOT more attention in the coming years).

If nuclear gets accepted as a zero-carbon solution (it will with due time) to the Green Dream, massive government stimulus can change the destiny of the nuclear sector.


Nuclear energy is important as it provides significant base load power in North America. It powers about 23 million homes, or about twice the amount of homes in California.

The Secret Interview: An Inside View of Uranium Production

Everybody has heard of Uranium One.

Yes, the 100% owned Russian uranium company. The largest Russian uranium producer outside of Russia.

Then CEO, Fletcher Newton, has never done an interview with any media in the west as the CEO of Uranium One.

But Katusa Research got the scoop.

And our subscribers were the first in the world to hear a one on one interview with Marin Katusa and Fletcher Newton.

This is the Katusa Advantage.

And, for those who don’t know the quality of research put out by Katusa Research…

You will hear, firsthand, from one of the most knowledgeable uranium insiders. This is someone who ran one of the world’s largest uranium producers, take on Marin Katusa’s views on the uranium market.

Fletcher and I first met in 2015 when I was asked to give the keynote at the World Nuclear Fuel Market Conference in France.

As always, my talk was a controversial one, but in time has proven correct.

This is a first for Uranium One (one of the world’s largest uranium producers).

And it’s a huge honor for Katusa Research to be selected by one of the world’s largest uranium producers as their first interview.

The New York Times loves going after Uranium One and the Clintons.

Well, for all who want to know the truth, we lay out all the facts.

This is a MUST WATCH for anyone interested in the uranium sector.

Again, I have no ownership in Uranium One, nor did Uranium One pay anything to be on the call.

This was an interview based on mutual respect and for information purposes for my subscribers.

And it was well worth it, KRO subscribers have made a fortune on our uranium stocks.

My goal is to give our subscribers a very balanced view of the uranium spectrum.

In the exclusive interview with Fletcher Newton, you’ll learn:

  • The major misconceptions of uranium
  • The lasting shock that the pandemic brought to the nuclear industry
  • Why it’s critical to see the Eastern view on uranium, and not just the Western angle
  • The importance of major uranium producers like Cameco and Rosatom
  • The major contraction in supply that the market is not paying attention to

Click on the image below to watch now…

Uranium on Fire and the Secret Russian Interview

I hope you enjoy it.

Marin Katusa