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How to Make $100,000 or More from this Misunderstood Market

Making the best investment conference in the world is no easy feat.

I called in favors from friends and so did my conference partner, Jay Martin, to put together the best lineup of speakers the investment community has seen in one show.

Case in point, my friend Teeka Tiwari traveled across the continent on his birthday to help me make the VRIC 2018 the best investment conference to date.

He did this because he cares about making his subscribers money. And boy has he crushed the crypto markets the last 12 months.

Marin, I get letters from people every week saying how I’ve made them a million dollars.”

This is one of the first things my friend Teeka said to me on his recent trip to Vancouver. Today, he’s one of the most popular analysts and newsletter writers in the world.

His newsletter smashed sales records in 2017 and now has a wait list for subscribers. And he’s one of the world’s foremost experts in blockchain companies and cryptocurrencies.

In fact, when I need some expert consultation on one of the dozens of crypto and blockchain pitches I hear every week at my office, Teeka Tiwari is one of the first people that I get in touch with.

There are over 1,490 cryptocurrencies actively trading with a current combined market cap of +$550 billion and hundreds of Initial Coin Offerings coming online in the next few months. It’s easy to see that investors are now in crypto overload.

The best part of knowing someone when you interview them is having chemistry together to explain relatively unknown facts that are misunderstood in the crypto space.

For the first time in public, Teeka shares what he thinks are the catalysts for cryptocurrencies in 2018. Few can explain it in such a simple way to understand.

If Teeka is right (and his track record thus far has been stellar in the crypto space), there will be another major leg up for the select, best-of-peer cryptos and blockchain companies.

Now, I want to bring you the best information. Teeka was kind enough to sit down with me for an exclusive interview for Katusa’s Investment Insights readers, and you’ll find the interview below.

In this video, you’ll learn…

  • Are we just at the beginning of the crypto boom?
  • Has Bitcoin topped out?
  • The number of signups that crypto exchanges are getting (and which ones Teeka mentions)
  • How much pent-up demand there is for cryptocurrency trading
  • How Teeka tells his subscriber to mitigate risk in this highly volatile world
  • What percentage of Teeka’s net worth is in cryptocurrencies

For a transcript of our conversation – click here.