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In a time of high global inflation caused in part by massive money printing and fiscal stimulus experiments, gold SHOULD be rocking. What’s going on…?

Recent inflation data continues to show significant upwards pressure on consumer prices. Likely forcing the hand of Fed officials to raise rates further and push the US dollar higher versus other currencies.

I believe there’s a substantial chance that this is a long, drawn-out recession. And in between superstar opportunities, I want to get paid to wait.

Japan just helped uranium creep closer to its final inflection point.

Share prices have bounced hard off the low. This has all the YouTube gurus and TikTok option traders calling the bottom is in. Is it?

China's recent economic indicators are the worst they have been since Covid-19 started. High unemployment levels along with crashing real estate prices are creating an economic firestorm.

China's soaring default rates and mortgage boycotts provide a peek into the true health of the Chinese economy.

The long-term demand for carbon credits from corporations simply outweighs the immediate supply provided by offset generators.

Reliance on Russian dirty fuels is pushing countries to the brink of economic disaster.