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The World-Class Gold & Silver Summit That Could Produce the Next 10-Bagger

Gold & Silver Summit San Fran

Gold and silver have been hot in 2019, no doubt.

These are the early innings of something extraordinary. Taking a look at sentiment and search indicators, you’ll find that gold stocks are searched more often than marijuana stocks now.

But a rise in precious metals and stock prices won’t be without volatility and bumps along the way. That’s why I don’t get emotionally attached to gold… or stocks… or silver.

I believe people who get emotionally attached to gold or silver or any other investment are making a huge mistake.

Getting emotional about your investments is sure to cloud your judgement. Save the emotional attachment for your kids.

They’ll love you back.

Your investments won’t.

If you want to make great decisions about gold, silver, and all your other investments, you need the best information.

And most of the time, it involves a face-to-face conversation (in the room, in the deal), instead of sitting behind your computer screen.

One of my goals in founding Katusa Research was to level the playing field in the natural resource sector.

It was created to provide individual investors with the insight, resources, and tools they need to compete with large funds and connected players.

The San Francisco 2019 Gold & Silver Summit

Two weeks from now, you’ll be able to get that information at the San Francisco Gold & Silver Summit, which Katusa Research is co-producing with our partners at Cambridge House International.

  • On October 27th-28th, I’ll be in San Francisco, California co-producing the 2019 Gold & Silver Summit with Cambridge House International at the Hyatt Regency.

This summit is a more intimate version of the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference coming up in January. With a tighter capacity, it allows for a personal, private setting to get to know some of the best names in the resource industry.

…And you can find some interesting stories that are ripe for a surge in returns.

Take SSR Mining for example, up 159% since the last October…

Or Liberty Gold up 244%…

Or Discovery Metals up 213%…

There are some very powerful and connected speakers attending this year.

For example, do you want to know what President Trump may be thinking about the economy?

Well, you should come and listen to Stephen Moore, who personally advised President Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Stephen Moore isn’t just a smart and connected guy – he’s also a gentleman. He’ll be at the conference giving a keynote, and will answer any questions you have.

Where else can you get this kind of access?

I’ll have my boots on the ground on the conference floor and on the stage, interviewing companies and meeting with key management behind the scenes.

  • This year, there will also be the exclusive Deal Room

It’s a private setting in the heart of the trade show floor for pre-scheduled, one-on-one meetings. The Deal Room allows investors to meet with company CEOs and keynote speakers. All meetings are held in a private setting, with personal hosts.

The Deal Room is where companies meet 1 on 1 with high profile small-cap and value investors, family offices, portfolio and fund managers, bankers and investment advisors.

I’ve spent many years in this gauntlet, and I know exactly what to look for in a great opportunity and speculation.

The meetings, dinners and hallways of these shows is where I hunt for my next private placement and get a sense of where to deploy 6-7 figures of capital.

Your Exclusive VIP Katusa Pass

For more information on the companies and agenda and to register, click here.

I’ve also arranged for you to get complimentary tickets and save the $50 fee. To get them, enter the promo code “KATUSA100” at the checkout.

I encourage Katusa Research subscribers to come say hello and attend if they’re in the area.

The show has a long history of success, as it has been running for many decades.

And this conference is solely happening because of my partner, Jay Martin, who runs Cambridge House.

After every year, we do a wrap of the show, and after last year’s San Fran conference I didn’t want to do the conference in San Fran any longer.

Side Note: As Mr. San Francisco (heavy hitting investor Paul H. Stephens—who attends the summit) once said to me, “We in San Francisco don’t call it ‘San Fran’”.

But because Jay is so committed to having the conference in San Fran, I respected his decision.

I much prefer Napa over San Fran. But if you want to find the next big score in mining or the next big drill program with a chance of success—you’ll want to make the effort to attend the summit.

Actually, “gold and silver summit” is a misnomer. This annual conference started out with a focus on precious metals, but it’s grown massively beyond that subject… and has become one of the few conferences I make a point to attend every year.

This Year’s Speaker Lineup is Exceptional

My friend Rick Rule will be speaking. Rick is one of the natural resource industry’s smartest minds and one of its most skilled financiers.

Rick is a walking encyclopedia of resource and business knowledge. He’ll discuss in detail the sectors and companies he sees the greatest opportunities in over the next 12 months.

Frank Holmes will be there. Frank is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors.

You’ll also hear from Grant Williams, the co-founder of Real Vision and editor of Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

Grant is an old buddy of mine, and sadly for Grant, the years are showing—just kidding Grant. But Grant will present a new talk to all and will be on a panel.

In his presentation before a standing room only crowd, he was one of the first voices to talk about how the fall of the dollar could lead to a revised return to the gold standard.

You could’ve gotten his thoughts and ideas before 240,000 other people on YouTube.

I’ll be speaking at the conference as well… along with some of the world’s best business executives and newsletter writers.

During panel discussions, I’ll ask investors and executives the hard questions… with a focus on getting the most useful, most actionable information for myself and the audience.

Make no mistake – although you’ll have fun, meet great people and be entertained, this conference is about making you money.

The speakers were chosen with that goal in mind. Which company will be the next 10-bagger like Northern Dynasty, or be taken out by a gold major in a 47% “overnight win” like what happened to Integra Gold?

Attending the conference will be a tremendous way to arm yourself with the knowledge and connections you need to make the biggest possible returns.

Chances are high that you’ll hear about the next crop of big wins over the next 12 months at this conference.

I hope to see you there.


Marin Katusa