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The PLAN to Save the World on October 31st

The PLAN to Save the World on October 31st

Every major event in world history has a tipping point…

…a door that can’t be walked back through.

We’re facing one right now. In less than a month, we’ll be on the other side of the threshold.

And that single step could be one of the best opportunities you have to grow your wealth in your lifetime.

For those paying attention, what’s happening is all quite obvious…

You’ve noticed the growing drumbeat of climate-related news.

Every major and minor natural disaster now makes front-page headlines.

Devastating flooding across Europe, the U.S., and China… extreme heat waves around the world… wildfires in Italy, Turkey, and Greece.

Siberia has more square miles burning than every other wildfire in the world combined.

We’re literally watching the world burn…

…and as usual, the powers-that-be have a “plan.”

In 2015, 191 countries signed the Paris Agreement.

They legally bound themselves to decreasing emissions by a certain amount over the coming years. And to conduct regular check-ins to ensure progress.

Theoretically, the cuts would limit warming to 1.5ºC and keep us from the worst parts of global warming.

Only none of the countries really followed through.

Back in February, the UN published a report stating that current global ambition is “very far” from meeting the Paris Agreement goal.

As of that report, seventy-five countries had submitted their updated emissions plans for 2021.

It was estimated that altogether…

  • The plans would reduce emissions by (drumroll please) 5%. And it would take 20 years.

Meanwhile, the effects of climate change—and their publicity in the news cycle—has only worsened.

Which means that for many of these countries…

October 31, 2021, is Judgment Day

That’s when COP26, the first checkup for countries that have signed the Paris Agreement, begins.

Part of the conference is a “ratchet mechanism,” which requires countries to increase their pledges to cut emissions.

But many developed countries are moving in the opposite direction. Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and Russia have all kept their targets the same or decreased them.

China, responsible for more than a quarter of global emissions, is barely raising its targets.

At the same time as the world is an inferno, major countries are walking away from the responsibility to do something.

Fortunately, there are several “police” countries at the COP conference.

And they’re ready to take any action necessary to hold countries accountable.

Ultimately, there is going to be nowhere to hide at COP26”

– COP26 president Alok Sharma

A full-scale war is going to erupt at the conference:

Countries that have successfully cut emissions will be at the throat of those that haven’t—or won’t.

Why am I explaining all of this to you?

Now, large-scale wars tend to spawn new global reserve currencies.

You had the Anglo-Dutch Wars… the French Revolution… WWII… and now the Global War on Carbon.

This new global reserve currency will be different than any that has come before.

It won’t be the Chinese Renminbi. And it’s not Bitcoin.

Most people haven’t even heard of it.

But it will up-end every area of your life:

  • Every product you buy…
  • The stocks you invest in…
  • The car you drive…
  • Even the meals you eat…

As with any new currency, there will be fortunes to be won and lost.

This is the kind of investment that the biggest currency traders in the world would chomping at the bit for.

If they knew about it.

In fact, this marketplace could be the greatest wealth creation mechanism ever invented.

The world is weeks away from walking through that door, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

The choice you have to make is whether you want to make a fortune off of it.



P.S.: Tomorrow, I’m going to outline what the Environmental Defense Fund calls rocket fuel” for this new currency.” If you want to know where they’re headed, don’t miss this.