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David LowellFebruary 21, 2017

One of the World's Greatest Geologists Talks Northern Dynasty's Pebble Deposit

Northern Dynasty's Pebble Project is the focus of intense debate. It’s become one of the biggest stories in the natural resource industry. To give you an expert’s perspective on this debate, I sat down face to face and discussed Pebble with the legendary geologist David Lowell. (6 minute read).

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Northern Dynasty Pebble Katusa Casey Lowell Dickinson1January 27, 2017

Here's What's Next for the World's Biggest Mining Story

You see, unlike most everyone who is now writing about Northern Dynasty, I owned this stock long before it became headline news. So, I may have unique insight on the situation that others do not. (4 minute read).

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trump putin uranium showdownJanuary 25, 2017

Prepare to Profit Series Part 3 - A Huge Part of the Russia/Trump Story Nobody is Talking About

Russia controls over 50% of the world’s uranium enrichment capacity. The enrichment facilities in the U.S. and in countries friendly to the U.S. are running virtually flat out. (5 minute read).

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Prepare to Profit Series Part 2: A Clear Path to Much Greater Uranium Demand

As much as any natural resource, uranium has a clear path to much greater demand over the next 15 years. However, that demand will not be satisfied with spot prices under $20 per pound. It costs the mining industry more than that to get it out of the ground. Either the price of uranium will go up or the lights will go out. (5 minute read).

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Prepare to Profit Series: Why I’m About to Make One of the Biggest Bets of My Career

Taking a position in high-quality uranium stocks right now stands a very good chance of working out well for investors. In fact, a good case can be made that higher uranium prices are not a matter of “if,” but a matter of “when.” That’s why I’m making this sector one of the biggest bets of my career. (6 minute read).

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A Huge Investment Opportunity is Setting Up in 2017

I’m going to be writing a lot about uranium over the next few months. If you get familiar with this market and learn how it works, I believe you’ll set yourself up to make enormous gains from the coming uranium rally.

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Critical Terms for Achieving Private Placement Success

It’s private placement week at Katusa Research. As I mentioned on Monday, every essay this week is dedicated to helping you harness the incredible wealth-producing power of private placements.

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Your Edge in the Energy Sector - How Katusa's Green Barrels of Energy (GBOE) Metric Works

My GBOE equation has become a huge edge for me as an investor. I can use it to accurately value any green energy asset. I can use it to see things other investors do not.

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The San Francisco Silver and Gold Summit - The Katusa Advantage

One of my major goals in founding Katusa Research is to level the playing field in the natural resource sector…to provide individual investors with the insight and tools they need to compete with large funds and connected players. (5 min read).

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How to Join One of the World’s Elite Investment Clubs

As I mentioned in this essay, private placements are in high demand with wealthy, knowledgeable investors.

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Write Down This Date... November 15, 2016

On November 15th, a tiny company will report a series of findings that will shock the world... and create a modern-day gold rush that creates life-changing wealth. Similar gold rushes in the past have handed 5,800%...7,300%...even 8,400% gains to early investors. Here's how you can invest now and build an overnight fortune.

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What OPEC's Latest Announcement Really Means

OPEC’s announcement was a good soundbite for the media, but what you won’t hear from the mainstream press is that OPEC’s move will not make a difference. Contrary to what some people believe, it’s not going to lead to higher oil prices over the long term. (6 minute read).

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