October 23, 2018

The Video Game Sector Just May Become the Biggest Bull Market in the History of the World

A staggering 380 million people will watch video games being played this year, a gold mine for advertisers and developers. But the opportunity in video games is far, far bigger than that.

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October 19, 2018

Is Your Portfolio Ready for the Greatest Demographic Shift in History by the Millennials?

The economy depended on the spending habits of baby boomers the last three decades. But there is a new generational superpower emerging you must pay attention to.

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Gold Vegas Odds of Buyout Rumor has itOctober 12, 2018

Rumor Has It – This Gold Company is Getting Bought Out

It’s common for large gold companies to buy pieces of smaller producers or developers before buying the whole company. Buying a small stake in a company acts as a blocker, dissuading other suitors.

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Your VIP ticket to the San Francisco Silver and Gold Summit – The Katusa Advantage

Once per year, Cambridge House International and I bring together the world’s top precious metals investors and entrepreneurs to the 2018 San Francisco Silver & Gold Summit. Here is your complimentary VIP ticket into the show.

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The Marijuana Meltup – Is October 17th Independence Day or Reality Day for Cannabis Investors?

There are still excellent cannabis companies that can make headway in these markets with 5x and 10x potential. But also plenty of others with obscene levels of froth.

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The Right Price: Are Pretium Resources and Detour Gold for Sale?

With gold and gold stock sentiment near all time lows, there is big opportunity for larger gold companies to take advantage of smaller producers. Today, we will detail two companies that could make headlines.

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Avoid the Con Artists. Here’s the Critical Demand Secret in the Copper Market

Copper concentrate is what a miner sends to a smelter after the rock that contains the copper is crushed and ground. But not all copper “con” is created equal and big money is at stake for people that know why.

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Putting the Summer Doldrums in the Rear-View Mirror: What’s Next for the Resource Sector

The posterchild sectors of high risk capital in the first half of 2018 were the 3 C’s; Cannabis, Crypto and Cobalt. While everyone else is watching the 3 C’s hoping for a bounce, I’ll be watching the 3 T’s. Trump, Trade, and Tax Loss.

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If Kirkland Lake Gold is Hunting Juniors like an Alligator – Who is on Its Radar?

Kirkland Lake is Eric Sprott’s largest publicly disclosed resource position and its share price is very strong. It’s time Kirkland goes hunting like an alligator.

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Does Your Favorite Mining Company Have Cash in the Bank – Let’s Find Out

Taking a deeper dive into these cash balances is important to see the true health of the mining sector.

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Welcome Crypto and Cannabis Investors: This is the Worst Thing That Can Happen to a Junior Stock

When a stock trades very little or no volume, the stock becomes illiquid. An illiquid stock can trap a shareholder for days, months, or even years before you can sell your position.

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This Powerful New Uranium Production Technology Could Rock the Sector like Fracking Did for Oil

When you spot a technology that is surfing on the wave of change, you need to pay attention. Especially in the resource markets. And there is a new production technology you need to know.

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