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January 19, 2018

Here’s How to Invest With the Ultimate Insiders This Weekend in Vancouver, Canada

Not only do we have the best royalty and streaming companies in the world, we have producers in gold, silver, and copper all present at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference… As an added bonus, I have called up my friends who are the biggest players in the crypto space.

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January 12, 2018

The Coming End of the Second Prohibition

These days, weed stocks are hugely popular with investors. However, this company formed way before the sector became popular… and before many places in North America actually legalized weed. It was a weed stock before weed stocks were cool..

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January 5, 2018

Breaking Up the Canadian Air Cartel – A Big Win for Investors

For a long time, Canadians were too nice to what I call the “Canadian Air Cartel”, the two large airlines that dominate the Canadian air travel market… until now. And smart investors have made 300%+ profits along the way.

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Four Big Ideas That Could Make You a Fortune in 2018... and an Exclusive VIP Invitation

In today’s end-of-year issue, you’ll find four big investment ides we wrote about in 2017. But this is no bland “retrospective” list. These ideas could make you a fortune next year and the year after that. We hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

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Northern Dynasty Short Sellers Just Lost a Major Battle… Let the Retreat Begin

The world’s largest undeveloped gold and copper deposit just got a lot closer to becoming a mine. It is a world-class deposit in every sense of the term and I’ll never visit a bigger one in my lifetime.

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What Type of Fuel Will Really Supply the Electric Vehicle Revolution?

Recently, Marin did an interview with Erik Townsend of Macro Voices. Erik got Marin’s thoughts on electric vehicles, uranium and Saudi Arabia and how your portfolio can be affected by changes in these markets.

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My 2018 Uranium Outlook: Two Major Catalysts Change the Game

Two recent catalysts have re-ignited interest in the uranium sector. The price of uranium has jumped in the last month and stocks have rallied off their multi-year lows. Here’s what happened…

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The Greatest Bubble of All Time Will Get Bigger: Prepare Yourself and Your Money for the Coming Currency Wars

The greatest currency war of all time is upon us. For years speculators chose the Russian Ruble or the Chinese Yen as the next global currency, but a new front-runner is rapidly emerging.

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The Most Important Quality You Must Have to Achieve Investment Success

The man who thinks he knows everything knows nothing. However, to succeed in business and the stock market, you must have the courage to act… the courage that comes from self-confidence.

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The Broad Market is Expensive… Here’s Where You Can Still Find Very Cheap Stocks

As investors, we find our edge during those rare times when buying and selling decisions are made not based on values, dividends, or cash flows, but on external factors like fund redemptions, tax considerations, or fears the world is about to end. These periods are when prices decouple from values.

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Why Copper Stocks Could Easily Rise 10-Fold From Current Levels

Like all natural resources, copper goes through huge booms and busts. That’s why we say resources are “cyclical”. If you get in early before the booms and avoid the busts, you can make a lot of money in natural resources.

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The World Needs a Lot of Copper, but It Won’t Get It for $3 Per Pound

I believe in a conservative scenario, copper will reach $5 per pound over the next decade. But it’s the next scenario that could make copper the world’s hottest commodity over the next decade.

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